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Oral surgery update! Warning! I ramble a little bit so this is a little bit long

Oct 15, 2016 5:01 AM

Hello everyone! Delilah here, if you saw my previous post even if you didn't read it you know that I had oral surgery on Thursday. I wanted to give an update on how everything went. My parents and I arrived and checked in and got all that done and after meeting with my oral surgeon for a minute to discuss the teeth I wanted pulled. I stuck with the original two and had one extra I was going to do 4 and have a tumor removed from my lip so I'm thinking about having two other teeth pulled one of which is just noting but roots. I'm hoping that when I go in for my follow up next week that the oral surgeon I'm seeing will have time and wouldn't mind taking out the tumor in my lip, it can cause a serious amount of pain. I wanted to do it on Thursday but I just couldn't find the confidence to say so. I'm mad at myself for that. I'm praying it can be done with some local next week so I don't have to worry about it growing and becoming a serious problem. Anyway back to the surgery. The assistant brought me back to the procedure room and I had to rinse my mouth with this horrible disgusting antibacterial mouth wash, it was yucky but I just barely got through it. I got into the chair and another assistant came in and once I was all hooked up to oxygen and the monitors and my IV was in the two assistants stepped out for a minute and then my oral surgeon comes in and says to me "ready love?" I thought that was sweet and I replied that I was and the assistants came inand then my oral surgeon gave me the sedation medication. He didn't even tell me he was going to do it which honestly is totally fine with me, before I knew it I was waking up. I don't have much memory but I remember coming home and I opened a package from a friend of my dad's I was given some very nice gifts. I got a blanket and a pair of socks and a medallion of Our Lady Of Lourdes, she's the patron of those suffering with illness. I put a quick post on Facebook and then I was going to post in another social media app but I fell asleep and woke up with my phone in my hand with the social media app still open and my post still there unfinished. I closed the app and put my phone down and went back to sleep. I have had only two episodes of moderate pain, other than when we got home and I needed some medicine and then yesterday afternoon I had some pain in the bottom left socket. I've been running some low grade fevers but I think it's just my body's way of recovering. The actual surgery only took a half hour. I was able to eat normally that night and returned to my regular diet yesterday, but I'm saying away from hard and crunchy epppTffugfdecayed and bad teeth. It's going to be a long tough road but I have a ton of support from family,friends, and this community so thank you for your support.

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