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OrthoVisc injections

Sep 14, 2014 9:30 PM

Hi I have osteoarthritis bad in my left knee after getting injured. I went through 3 months of PT & home PT. I have a pretty good range of motion 110-120 degrees on my good days...but those are seldom. I've tried everything, cortiseteriod shots too, those didn't help. I'm 53, and this is the last treatment option before a TKR. has anyone had these injections, or know someone who has? I've read good & bad on pretty much every site I've read. are they worth it? my insurance has approved them, and I'm due to get my first next week. I'm game to try, but at the same time I have a high insurance dedituble ($6000) after that's paid my coinsurance is 100%. never do I wish to put money ahead of my knee! but my thought is as I'll need a TKR one day, and I know they don't last forever...should I do it before years end, that way it's paid for if you know what I mean? then as of January...it would be easier for me to pay for my follow up appointments, PT than it would be to pay out that dedituble!want to get better and not have this knee control my life. every day is painful & I swell daily too. I've never iced so much in my life as I have this past 6 months. my Ortho Surgeon has ordered a MRI to build the jigs for my TKR...and they called I do that Tuesday...sounds like his plan to do it, but the shots first and it takes 3 months to work hopefully they do...but then it's close to years end regarding that TKR & dedituble. I read a lot, work hard to be an involved patient....but I'm confused on what to do. which direction to go with 3 1/2 months left in the year. thanks for listening:-)

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