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Over now (thank goodness)

Dec 10, 2015 12:25 AM

It's time to celebrate, I survived Confluence!
Okay, so confluence is the big project my school does at the end of each semester, to replace final exams.
It sounds awesome, and it can be, but what the public rarely sees is the massive time, effort, and energy poured into these projects.
They don't see...
Okay, there's a lot.
Basically, (sorry to cliche) we put our heart and souls into it.
My group this year was pretty great.
Not exactly organized, but also friendly and helpful when my last group would have just shut down.
Let's see, the bonuses of this year:
Optimistic leader who helped problem solve through us artists with zip to zilch confidence
People staying in class, no ditching at the library or reading to the fish store
Bored friend willing to help create a poster

I feel like that doesn't even describe it.
Tonight was really nice.
I was awkward around my parents, and my group member around his.
I guess that's why there's a second person?
After a half hour or so, I couldn't even feel the time, just a whirlwind of activity buzzing around the room.
Those who played our game, loved it.
Oh, I forgot to mention our theme was genetics board games.
Devastation, the game of genes, survival, and the apocalypse, can you survive against the threat of total devastation?
We made a 3D mountain, with many versions, the final two are combined and decorated.
Our board looks great, although slightly confusing in which direction to move around.
People love our poster, except the people who think it's too "death-y," but seriously it is in the name, Devastation!

Good night to all, and to all others good morning!

Dec 10, 2015 2:33 AM

So glad you enjoyed it! It sounds pretty neat and very interesting.

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