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Pain and depression

Jun 03, 2018 7:46 PM

Struggling with fibromylgia pain and depression. My good days are great and my bad days are terrible. Today I woke up feeling hopeless, unhappy, and disgusted with myself. How do you cope?

Jun 04, 2018 4:07 AM

I know what it’s like to struggle with nerve pain and depression. I have Neurofibromatosis type one. I have good days and bad days. On my bad days I find that looking at funny pictures on google cheer me up and at night when my parents are asleep I color a page from a coloring book. I find that coloring helps my mood a lot. I also find taking a bath puts me in a much happier mood. I also talk to my mom or one of my close friends and that helps me not only cope with my pain but it makes me feel better. When I go long periods without having an actual conversation that lasts more than 5 minutes with any of my friends or my mom or dad it makes my depression and anxiety even worse because everything is bottled up. I also find cuddling with a cherished stuffed animal or blanket or both help and cuddling with my mom or dad(it can be anyone it can even be a furry family member because that helps too). I used to bring our friends cat over to hang out with me while our friends were at work and even when they were home, he even spent the night a few times. I took care of Fifa(cats name) for our friends while they were at work from the time he was a little kitten until he was 2-3 years old when I could no longer do it. I still brought him over every now and then but I have not spent time with him in several years. When I had him over or I was at our friends house whenever I would cuddle with Fifa I found it to be very therapeutic even when I had him over and I was laying on my bed and he was right next to me it was therapeutic, his favorite thing to do was sit on my chest and lick my nose as if he were grooming me. We had a dog and she was a rescue, her name was penny and she was basically my therapy dog even though she was not certified or trained or anything she was always there when I was sad,in pain,recovering from minor or major surgery or a virus or cold. Penny was there for me whenever I came home from being in the hospital for pain control. Penny calmed me down when I was angry or sad she was soothing to my broken heart and aching soul. Penny was perfect. Penny always made everything better by just loving me. We were blessed with 16 1/2 years with her before we had to send her across the rainbow bridge. So to put it simply my coping methods are: arts and crafts,stuffed animal and blanket cuddling,pet cuddling,talking to someone you love and trust. One other method I use especially when I’m extremely anxious is self care. I take a hot shower or a bath and I basically give myself a spa day. I wash up and I’ll do a charcoal mask. I find that that helps me when I am feeling disgusted with myself. My spa day reminds me that I am not gross and I have nothing to be ashamed of and that I am beautiful. I find that talking,self care and cuddling are the most helpful. I know this is just me babbling but I hope it helps you at least a little bit. If you ever need to talk or just want to chat please don’t hesitate to private message me.


Jun 04, 2018 8:07 AM

Thank you so much for your response Delilah. I have some great colored pencils but I have not colored in a while, maybe I'd should try. I'm also going to try giving myself a spa day. Not sure how to private message but I would love to have a pen pal who understands my struggles. My email is Jessholton23@hotmail.com

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