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Pain clinic issues, need advice

Mar 27, 2017 6:09 PM

Hey all. Like most of you, i have several diagnosis: fibro, degenerative joint and disc disease, polyarthalgia. I have had back surgery and see a pain specialist. One if the first questions i asked is if they treat fibro as agressivly as they would my herniated disc and arthritis. They assured me they did.

When i went to them, i had just blew out my L5-S1 herniation and while they took a full history and had my past records, the focus was on my back.

That was summer 2015.

So back then I was on cymbalta 60 mg, neurontin 600 mg three times a day, tramadol 100 mg, 4 times a day.

After i came back from having my surgery, i started seeing the nurse practioner who has been changing up my meds.

First dropping my tramadol by half, taking me off neurontin altogether, and putting me on buspar patches. 3 months no improvement, pain worse.

She refers me to a rheumatologist "who can treat that fibro stuff" who puts me back on neurontin but only 300 mg 2 times a day.

Back at the pain doc i reiterated that what i am on is not working

She switches me to fentanyl 12 mg every three days. And drops my tramadol down to 50 mg twice a day.

Next appintment, i tell her that pain is worse. SHE isnt comfortable raising it. BTW, I am 5'5" and 240. Not a lightweight.

Same thing next two appointments AND she wont accept my written statement of what i have been able to do/not do etc to scan into my chart. She wants me to get epidural injections. I dont have the 750.00 each injection and told her that. She wont raise or change my meds, says she wants me to figure out how to get the injections so i can come off my meds(!!!!)

So, my next appt in april 12, i made the appt with the doctor, not the nurse practioner. I want to go over what i am experiencing and the relief i am not experiencing and my complete distrust and dislike of the np.

Any suggestions on how to do this somewhat politly ?

And if he is in the same vein as her, what has been your criteria to select a new pain doc?


Mar 27, 2017 10:38 PM

Epidural injections may or may not help. I have had them and find the relief is not only temporary but also not enough that I could go off my meds.

If they are pushing this treatment it makes you wonder what kick back they are receiving from company

Mar 27, 2017 10:40 PM

I just posted to someone else a few links to good doctors and bad. It at least can help you rule out who they prefer.

Sorry - can't keep eyes open. Lol. Let me know if you need those links

Mar 27, 2017 11:32 PM

I have tried everything you have except fentanyl. I receive weekly nerve blocking injections in my head neck back and arms. I am the same weight and height as you. I was referred to a Cannabis clinic and it has been bumpy but added to my regular meds it seems to take the pain away at least temporarily. I suffer from severe migraines as well as the fibromyalgia and deg disc disease. I use the CBD oil in the daytime as well as THC oil at night to help with pain and sleep. And then I use a vaporizer when I need instant and additional relief. Unfortunately since no one can determine how this ignites in our bodies they seem to just use trial and error to treat us. Hopefully you have access to a Clinic in your area and can be referred. I also read about these Amino Patches that I can't seem to get here in Canada. Apparently they are a miracle cure. Hope you get some relief and help from your Pain Specialist. Good Luck! Try to stay positive.

Mar 28, 2017 11:48 AM

I wish we had medical marijuana legalized here in Georgia but we don't. I do have CBD oil and some CBD pain patches that work pretty good. but it $10 a patch I have to space them out. My daughter however has been helpful in procuring non-medical MJ I wish it would help me sleep it does help my muscles relax but no sleepiness. It's not an everyday or even every week thing just when the pain is so intolerable that everything else has failed

Mar 28, 2017 11:52 AM

@Mimikay me too on the kickback I'm not comfortable getting them since I've had so many in the past and at best I get a few weeks worth of pain lowered just in my lower back does nothing for the rest of my pain comma nor would I expect it to and that's my problem stupid nurse practitioner seems to think if I shell out the money I'll magically be cured. I think she doesn't know anything else to do with me but she's not willing to go anymore on my meds that's why I'm going to talk to you the doctor himself. And yes if you have a list you would be willing to send I would be eternally grateful thank you so much

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