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pain is satan in disguise (vent)

Mar 05, 2017 7:50 PM

im by far not a Christian but i do believe that the only thing i could compare my bad days to is beieng held captive and tortured by satan they sau a prayer you will be fine but if thats so why cant i walk? they say each lesson will make you stronger well im not dead yet but y do i need to suffer im a mother that cant always be a good mum caise i cant interact with my child due to pain how does it feel when your 34 and your 13yr old daughter is dressing and bathing u i cry all the time im depressed all the time my heart breaks caise she wont make friends she feels i need her and wont put herself first either im a wife i feel horrible cause no man dreams of marrying someone who cant take care of themselves pain is satan in disguise but if this is hell im going to keep going cause there must be good on the other side...

Mar 06, 2017 10:55 AM

TasCakez13 I completely understand, my 10yr daughter is more my carer than I am hers at times. I try my best to do things but I'm just so tired. My 14yr son cooks easy oven foods for dinner like pizza, sausages, chicken dippers and chips or its micro meals etc...
I have my daughters diabetic team, especially the dietitian, on my back for not doing more healthy meals etc... it's great being judged by people who can't/won't understand my issues and illnesses, I know they're trying to help my daughter but a lot of the time it's near on impossible.

I completely agree with the pain, it's unforgiving and unrelenting, it has us in a vise which never loosens it's grip on us and ever so slightly gets a little tighter as time goes on 😢

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