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Pain management visit today

Jan 17, 2017 4:57 PM

So the doctor I saw today wasn't doctor I saw last time strange not sure why!!! She did continuously say tho " I'm not a canidadte for narcotic drugs". Wtf??? So she refused to give me pain meds... But let me on my muscle relaxers and starting me on my 1st Fibromyalgia med she's put me on Gabapentine.. I do 100 mg PeR nite for a week, then week 200 mg I can go up one more time when needed.. I never used it I do hope it helps that's all I know looks like half a life is way I'm to live at least I am living... Guss we see how this helps... First whole day with out Tree was ok but still low... N thats my update

Jan 17, 2017 6:04 PM

Gapentin is a drug that's helped many. Am sure there are some here that can attest to its working. But just like so many other things ... What works for one doesn't always work for others. The best thing to do is approach it with an open mind. I hope you are one that finds relief from this.

Did they mention other options such as trigger point injections or massage or physical therapy etc. ?

Jan 17, 2017 6:30 PM

I have found some relief with gabapentin, and I am on 3600mg a day. We did find that over time I have developed a tolerance or resistance to it so we just keep going higher. Not to sure how much higher we can go. Any way. Like MiniKay says, keep an open mind, with each new dose I was able to rely on pain pills less for quite some time. I would be lost without the Gabapentin. I to was recently removed from pain pill for a while and had a serious "come to Jesus" talk with my Doctor. But we agreed to try to go without and rely on the Gabapentin and after two weeks she gave me back a lower does of my pain pills and only 45 instead of 60. So I make due so that I can have two pills on bad days. So, a suggestion? Try for a couple of weeks, get the Gabapentin in your system then ask for your pills back. All they can do is say no. Cry a little. I do. And I not a shamed. They do not know our pain. So I will use what I can to convince them of my needs.
I sincerely hope you get the relief you need. For I feel everything you are going through and sympathize. Good Luck 🍀

Jan 17, 2017 8:04 PM

@mimikay yea we discussed the what works for one doesn't work for all she has some thing in plan in back pocket incase it doestn help, I can't recall name but it's a pain patch I'd wear it's a week thing then new one idk.. I'm very hopeful with this doctor she really made me comfy and for first time since I was 23 I believe a doctor.. That's kinda nice.. And yea n a month I go back to discuss how it's working if it's working she's ordering Aqua Therapy...

Jan 17, 2017 8:09 PM

@messyalien thanks yea she's pretty no nonsense did say she will forgo narcos as long as we can said she knows many people that have fulfilling lives, on this med and I am on 3 flexirel a day she said she wants keep this, way as long as we can until then this is our plan n if works next month she ordering aqua therapy... I'm praying beside lyrics which at time I took wasn't diagnosed with fibro but did not respond we'll got super sick.. So now we take it and I report back morrow.. Thanks guys hugz to all hooe u'r all as we'll as can be

Jan 28, 2017 10:52 AM

MizzMonroe, unfortunately many doctors are pulling away from distributing pain meds except for surgery. I hope you've had relief with the gabapentin and muscle relaxer, at least to some degree. I only have tramadol for breakthrough pain. But I've been on gabapentin several years, and I have used Parafon forte muscle relaxers too. It works good when I take it but the PF made me feel off balance & loopy, something I didn't need with my imbalance and dizziness. My spine surgeon changed me to Baclofen muscle relaxers, and I love them; no noticeable side effects and they truly relax the muscles, hence better pain relief. Hugs love & prayers you will improve! 🙂💕🙏🌸

Jan 28, 2017 5:48 PM

I'm so tired of docs being afraid to prescribe narcotics anymore. We aren't all junkies, some of us need them just to get out of bed. What's the use of living if u have no quality of life!

Jan 28, 2017 11:13 PM

Happytoseethesunrise I'm on morphine mst and my doctors are always saying you need to reduce reduce reduce, so I tried to reduce. My normal nighttime dose is 30mg so I reduced it to 20mg (my capsules are 10mg each) and the withdrawal was awful plus my pain started to creep up to unbearable levels again so after 4 days with lots of advice from the wonderful people here I went back up to 30mg.
The withdrawal I can push thro but the pain increasing I can't atm so I don't know how my doctors (GP and pain clinic) expect me to reduce and eventually come off the morphine like they want me to....that just proved how much the morphine is helping me.

Like you I'm soo tired of being told they don't want me on the opiates or even the 30/500mg co-codamols which is the only other painkiller that helps the extra pain that the amitriptyline doesn't cover.

They would rather I was on something like naproxen but that whole family of meds upset my system....I get a bit of reflux and indigestion but it's the diarrhoea they give me after taking them for longer than 2 days (including low dose ibuprofen) that really hurts even with eating a meal before taking them and taking omoprazole so I really don't get what they want us to do?

I'd have no quality of life and would probably go back to the beginning of completely not functioning and calling an ambulance once or twice a week when I was in soooooo much pain that I couldn't cope....I was on pregabline, carbamezapine and gabapentine plus a few others which only made me feel worse and made my already bad vertigo even worse that at one point I was using a zimaframe because I had no balance at all!

Jan 28, 2017 11:18 PM

Sorry for the long rant....it seems there's a few things catching my attention today!!!
But it's all good because it means I'm coming out of my funk that I'm actually bothered about things whereas I couldn't be bothered for the last couple of months!!!

Jan 29, 2017 2:07 AM

I have something wrong with my nervous system they are still thrying to find out what exactly still. I tried to just tough it out for months but ended up having no choice but ending up on persceiption pain meds. I cant tell you how much I hate taking the pain meds im on. At first they help but after a while they stop helping and then you have to take more and more. Im constipated all the time (which doesnt help with having crohns disease), i hardly ever sleep and if i do i have nightmares all the time where im floating or falling all kinds of weird type of sensations in these dreams that basicly put me in like a panic attack, i wake up in cold sweats to where my covers are drenched (then end up sleeping on the couch because everthing is wet now, then waking up in even more pain from sleeping on the couch). I refused to take anything for months because i didnt want to have to take it all the time and constantly have to up the doeses and have side effects mess up my life. But it got so bad I ended up giving in and now im dealing with all this. So im not in as much pain put the side effects are ruining my life.

Jan 29, 2017 10:28 AM

MizzMonroe, I was put on Gabapentin for my nuerpathy in my feet and I will say this, I wayous actually able to cut way back only pain pills. I am able to take just one a day or some days I take none at all. Gabapentin has been a Godsend. I hope and pray that it helps you! Without it, I would be walking around with a whole lot of pain, but it helped me a ton!

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