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Pain moves around

Jul 03, 2016 10:58 PM

My pain moves around. It is always in my right hip/lower back, but sometimes the front of my hip hurts, versus other days my lower back hurts more.. Or the side of my hip/ butt. It's always moving and so frustrating, like the past couple of days my mid back has been killing me, both sides just ache terribly. Is anyone else's pain constantly moving?

Jul 04, 2016 12:50 AM

Yes. Sometimes it's my knees or elbows. Sometimes it's my upper back. Sometimes it comes & goes several times in a day. Totally unpredictable.

Jul 04, 2016 3:16 AM

I was told by my osteopath last week... that it is the nature of spinal pain as the nerves or chord being squished are moving too... so the pain can move from place to place depending on how u have say...slept that night... makes sence really 🤗
Hope i explained it well enough x

Jul 06, 2016 11:33 AM

I have spine pain, and depending on which part of my spine hurts determined where at in my body I hurt. Then add the Fibro all over.

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