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Pain patients that are treated like drug seekers

Jul 01, 2015 11:01 PM

Hi all I'm finding this rather therapeutic and there's something I've been wanting to get off my chest for very long time. This happened to me it must've been three years ago now.

I had surgery to sever nerves in my spinal cord in the hopes that it would stop some of my pain unfortunately I had a bad reaction because of my fibromyalgia instead of cutting my pain it increased it by 10 fold . I was taken to the hospital in agony after being given shots of that know the lauded and everything else they had not only was I still conscious but I was still in constant pain to the point that I was crying hospital told me there was nothing they could do and sent me home.

I had a doctors appointment the next morning at the hospital the doctor immediately saw me forgot about the appointment and try to get me to go to the OR as I was obviously in agony still my blood pressure was about to explode and cause a stroke do the amount of pain I was then he gave me pain medication and sent to the ER but this time by ambulance. Was given pain medication once again didn't x-ray and sent me home.

Things are about to get much worse I was with my friends what I suddenly lost feeling in my legs and collapsed To the floor my friends immediately took me to the closest hospital a different one from the hospital I have been in before. I was rolled in the back picked up put on a stretcher and left there at some point to Dr. came in and did an Ct I don't remember if they gave me pain medication or not if they did I really don't remember. Here's where I should tell you that I'm actually blind and have a guide dog this will come in handy later. make sure you remember this. At this point to nurse came in to take my guide dog out to go to the bathroom. I was wearing sunglasses that had the lights off do you do retina damage in my eyes. It's asshole doctor walks in and tells me to get the blank up and walk I look at him and tell him I can't walk I can't feel my legs. And which point he indicates that I'm lying and I just want drugs I look straight at him and said of course I'm in agony wouldn't you obviously something is going wrong with the operation I had I'm in hell help me.

He said get the hell out of my hospital but I literally. Unable to walk I was actually willed outside and headed to Walker not joking here. I found out later that he had written a letter in the file that contains this I "Miss Blank was seen at two other hospitals for back pain she was also seen by lblank Dr. After being seen by the doctor and receiving pain medicine she then drove herself "drove herself to our hospital. She admitted to driving to two other hospitals to get medication " when I saw Miss Blank she was sitting in a room with glasses on and the dark no doubt probably due to her drug use I asked her to leave it which point she told me she could not move her legs .

Now the thing to remember about what was just written with these facts number one I blind have been blind for over 10 years at this point that is why I had the dark glasses on and also why was in the dark and I obviously did not drove nowhere. The doctor that I had gone see was actually the one that sent me to the to the ER by ambulance. I was so mad I went directly to a lawyer after going to a lawyer I went directly to each hospital involved in each doctor involved got letters for from all of them stating that this was a current lie that none of this ever happened and that I had had a surgery that unfortunately had severe consequences. I actually wanted to take this that all the way to court for the sole reason of I wanted to walk into court with my guy dog I felt that that was the best thing I could ever do. The fact that he could not tell there was a blind person sitting straight in front of him was unbelievable the second fact that he couldn't tell that this blind person was also unable to move her legs was unbelievable as well how do these people even though this was an obvious lie it's with me months to get in with the hospital where I could change the records that day I was supposed to go in and have them fixed was when I ended up having emergency gallbladder surgery at a separate hospital where I had had another serious incidents like this I almost feel it's a losing task not only did I not end up changing the obviously false paperwork but it cost me $1500 to do it and approve that it was all a lie.

Have any of you had experiences like this what did you do about it how did you handle it . I'm most of you finding problems that are in pain management when you go to the hospital and they simply tell you sorry you're with pain management there's nothing we can do even though pain management sent you there because it's a weekend and there's no thing that they can do either.

Jul 01, 2015 11:06 PM

Hey guys this is just one of those things I wanted to vent as I said it's been a long day it's just nice to suddenly have somewhere to vented I hope I did not offend anybody.

Jul 02, 2015 9:23 AM

Ilovemyservicedogs, That is horrible what happened to you! I've not experienced anything like this for sure. But I've had a few bad experiences of lack of care or bad care. Once I was given a heart patient's meds by mistake and had to stay an extra night in the hospital because my blood pressure bottomed out, and they had to come get me up and walk me every hour in that 24 your period.

Another was when I had a saliva gland cyst rupture (gangrene) and was pushing the button for help but no one came. Visitors came in and helped me then reported the whole staff to administration, & they all got transferred.

A third surgery and it was after midnight. A staff member called my in-laws at 5 am to tell them I had died, then hung up the phone. I found out about it when my husband came storming into my room the next morning, furious with the night staff. They had put another patient in the room next to me with the same last name, strike one! They didn't double check they had the right contact info, strike two! It was when my mother in law said, "but SHE was perfectly fine when we left," that they realized their mistake. But they didn't apologize, strike three! I actually laughed about their stupidity because our last name was all we had in common; opposite sexes, different races. Duh!

I hope you never have to go through the type of experiences you've had again. If you're under a pain doctor, ask them to give you a written letter stating that due to your complications in surgery there may be times when you need additional med help after business hours or on weekends. And have him/her state what & how much to give you to get through until the next Monday when you can be seen in his/her office. Have the letter state that facilities should make a copy so that you can keep the letter with you. Praying for you! 🌼

Jul 02, 2015 4:01 PM

That really sucks that you had to go through that.
I haven't dealt with anything that bad.
However, I did get told I was drug seeking about a year ago.
I'm 14, and have a history of teeth coming in late and sideways.
My 12 year old sister has lost more teeth than I have!
Any way, I went to my dentist and he pulled several teeth (out of 16 that needed to be pulled due to coming in sideways) but told me to go to my main doctor for painkillers.
I had x-rays done, and he would have prescribed meds if I'd been over 18 but I wasn't.
So I went to my primary care doc.
I don't usually get migraines, but when I went into her office I was close to puking from pain, and hallucinating.
I had also turned the lights off.
I told her that the dentist recommended Codeine, and told her the x-rays and notes had been sent to her.
She ignored that.
Then I told her about my hand (which would later be diagnosed with CRPS or peripheral neuropathy) and that I had stopped using because it hurt so bad.
She decided it was just carpal tunnel, and refused to send me to a neurologist.
The first time I came in with a headache, she gave me 10 Tylenol 3 pills.
Just 10, to be taken as needed.
I came in later feeling worse than ever and asked if there was an alternative because Tylenol was useless and Ibuprofen made me nauseous.
It turns out I was probably feeling awful because I'm allergic to Tylenol, but she ignored the signs of that.
I still had 12 teeth coming in sideways, and every dentist wanted to deal with it in a different way.
The second time I went to my primary doc, I asked about alternatives because the Tylenol 3 was doing less than ibuprofen before I became sensitive.
I didn't know that Tylenol 3 was a narcotic.
I just thought it was Tylenol.
I didn't want a narcotic, I wanted something that would actually help, like Ibuprofen.
She then accused my dad of assisting drug seeking, and told us to try beer.
My dad looked up laws around legal drinking and it was legal.
The beer did more than Tylenol 3, but school was about to start.
I went to her office, and she was gone.
Instead, I saw a women who used the brand names for ibuprofen and acetominaphen.
She prescribed me them both because I couldn't understand her questions, and couldn't tell her I'd already taken them.
My stepmom was with me.
If it had been my dad, he would have recognized the drug and brand names and that mess wouldn't have happened.
I left sobbing, and heard from my primary that she was refusing to prescribe any narcotics whatsoever.
I now knew that I would be starting the school year with the worst pain is ever had.
I felt like I was in hell.
I showed constantly, getting sent home by my teachers each time they found me sobbing in the hallway.
I would say I'm floating.
I was.
It was like I didn't exist, but was trapped.
Then my dad found Kratom.
It was a rescue drug, a narcotic that I could have as a tea.
I started being able to attend so full time.
I was able to be me again.
A few months later, after 12 extractions, I stopped taking Kratom.
I no longer needed it.
But that doctor so thinks I'm a drug seeker.
I switched primaries, and she finally sent me to a neurologist.
My new doc isn't perfect, but she's willing to refer out to specialists, and look for alternatives.
I'm sorry you had to go through this.

Jul 02, 2015 10:31 PM

My story isn't nearly as tough as these.
My orthopaedic surgeon is one of the best in the world but he lacks bed side manner, a characteristic you think would be vital for working at a world class children's hospital. He is notorious for not believing in pain.
I had just had spinal surgery and as he even told my parents, my case turned out to be way worse than what had appeared in X-rays. My lungs were almost collapsed and my spine had started to show signs of degeneration from curving so much. He warned my parents that my surgery recovery would be particularly long and painful. Flash forward to my 6 week appointment and it was a trip to hell. My pain was so bad that I spent the entire waiting process and X-ray process in tears, literally screaming in agony. All the nurses felt bad but my doctor didn't care one bit. When I went in to see him, I explained through my sobs that I was in a lot of pain and wasn't getting better. He told me that my pain was in my head and surgery isn't that painful. He then sent me to a psychiatrist. For the hell of it, my mom and I went to the appointment and she laughed when we told her the story. She sent us home and told us that she sees many of his clients and he is crazy. I hate seeing my surgeon because he always finds a way to blame my slow recovery on me and dismisses any problem or concern I may have.
Other than him, my doctors and nurses were pretty great. There was one night nurse while in the hospital who made me cry as she was very rude and was not careful when moving me. Nurses had to be very careful around me as any rough movement could ruin the surgery and my back was very sensitive, but she didn't really care. After that night, my parents made sure she never stepped foot in my room. They always asked for specific nurses to come in and would turn down anyone who even made one bad comment.

Jul 02, 2015 11:02 PM

I am lucky to have found a GP who specializes in palliative care. That being said I get a limited amount of Norco (which I always run out a day or two early) Neurontin and anti anxiety meds. I'm mostly OK with it but not during Flare ups like this)

Jul 02, 2015 11:10 PM

On and I am treated like druggie everytime I'm in the hospital or ER. They take a very long time (once two days) to get me a Xanax and as we all know the most stressed out the mode pain. Add that to my OCD...

Jul 03, 2015 7:30 AM

We all are Sweetiepie. Sadly those who are truly addicted (most no fault of their own; a few who just like feeling drug effects), they have made it very hard for the rest of us. My siblings use to be addicted, by choice, but thank God no longer! 🙏🌼

Jul 06, 2015 11:40 PM

My husband and I are both disabled, with different conditions. I have been treated like a drug seeker many times and it's so unfair. The worst was my husband has 14 herniated discs in his back from a work accident caused by someone who was drunk on the job. It's been about 6 years since his accident. Last summer he had been complaining about pain in his legs and veins showing up. One dr actually pulled up his pant leg and said I have those too, see? He had been complaining about this pain and weakness in his legs for over a year. One day his legs gave out on him and he couldn't walk. We called an ambulance to take him to the ER. The physician's assistant on duty did not even look at his legs and said your pain is from your back injury and sent him home. A week later I took him to an ER an hour from where we live. They did a ct scan and came in and said you have a blood clot behind each knee and one in your thoracic artery. We have to airlift you to the University of MN Hospital immediately. We can't send you in an ambulance because we don't want you to be on the freeway when your legs decide to die off completely. You might end up needing one, if not both, legs amputated from the knee down. Funny how exactly one week before this visit he was told there was nothing wrong and now he's going to lose his legs? We were very lucky to get a world class interventional radiologist to treat him. He had stents put in his legs with blood thinners that they checked everyday to see if the clots were breaking up. They said the most they like to keep them in is for 3 days. He had to have them in for 6. His pain was excruciating but the staff there was amazing. They would let me in the procedure room as soon as they were done, while they were still cleaning him up, and show me on the huge screens where the stents were and where the clots were and how they were shrinking. The IR didn't tell us until he was in the clear of needing amputation that he didn't think they'd be able to save the left leg. It was incredibly stressful and frightening and I've never been more pissed at anyone in my life than the multiple dr's that almost cost him his legs because they were too lazy and close minded to check to see if it was anything else. Had they checked his legs while he was in the ER the week before, it wouldn't have been nearly as emergent. He is very lucky their mistake did not cost him more than 8 days in the hospital. We don't go to that hospital anymore and we tell everyone else why. Nearly everyone we know in our area has had a bad experience there. My experience, while not as life threatening, wasted 6 months of my life. 2 1/2 years ago I was sick all the time and could barely get out of bed. I have Pelvic Venous Congestion Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and a mesh bladder sling that is the gift that just keeps on giving. I kept going to the ER when the pain would be out of control and they would say we don't treat pain in the ER. I told them, I'm not looking for pain meds, I have plenty at home. I want you to find out what's causing the pain! They blew me off every time. Finally my husband took me to that same hospital an hour from our home. They did tests and sent me home. By the time I got home they were calling me to tell me I needed to have my gallbladder out right away. They sent me to a surgeon at a local clinic. When he took it out he said I didn't have stones, I had sludge. I lost 6 months lying in bed feeling like crap everyday because the dr's were too lazy to look for a cause to my pain. I was glad to get it out, but the surgeon that did it was a butcher. I've had 3 laparoscopies before this one and all were very small incisions. He gave me 3 very large incisions in spots that pulled every time I moved. It took a long time to heal from but I do feel better since having it out. Next up is to try to find a dr to take the mesh out. There's only a handful of dr's that do the mesh extraction in the U.S. and none I've been able to find in my state. I take pain meds around the clock to be able to function. I've tried every surgery and procedure I could to try to fix the cause of my pain so I don't have to take pain meds. How can I be a drug seeker if I'm looking for ways to not need them anymore? It doesn't even make sense!

Jul 07, 2015 4:54 AM

I had a experience at one of our hospitals I was having numbness, tingling with pain on the left side of my body. I was told that they couldn't give me anything for pain because of all the pain meds that I already have
I tried to tell the PA I don't want anything for pain I want to find out what is happening to me. The PA tried to get the attending ER Dr to admit he refused and sent me home. Both of my Dr's were not on call so I didn't have anyone to back me up. I Was so upset when it dawned on me that he thought I was after more drugs. The PA knew something was wrong but could not convince the dr. He apologized over and over. But he had no choice except to send me home.
I think that all of y'all 's experiences were far greater than mine ,I saw my Neuro and he seems to think it's because of Syrinx that I keep having these episode's. I hope and pray that in the future we all can see caring and compassionate ER Dr 's that won't brush us off as drugies.

Jul 07, 2015 7:39 AM

Danal22, that's horrifying what y'all went through, especially knowing the blood clots could have cost your hubby his life! Thank God you took him to the other hospital.

Like you I have pelvic congestion syndrome and it caused me severe pain several years. I had to drive three hours away to find a doctor who knows how to treat it, and she went through the major version at the clavicle, to get to the veins in my pelvis. I have 11 titanium coils closing them off. I still get pain from them but only when I'm on my feet to long. After having a mass remove in 2010 I've had constant problems. That surgeon wanted to place two meshes in and a shiny on my uterus, but thank God I didn't let him. Here lost his license to practice because he's caused horrible problems for so many women. I'm now under a pelvic floor specialist, a urogynecologist. There are only two in my state, and very hard to find. Mine told me if he comes across something he's unsure about he will refer me to either Cinncinatti or Columbus OH. I sent remember which. Just from what you've mentioned you probably need a urogyn also. Good luck finding the doctor for the mesh. You & your hubby are in my prayers! 🙏🌼

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