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pain-somnia, anyone else?

Sep 08, 2015 11:29 PM

Toss, turn, toss, turn. Every stinking way I lay there's some pressure point or something being crushed. Tried melatonin. Tried benedryl. Tried ibuprofen. Tried ice. Nothing is making the pain less, or making me tired enough to sleep despite the pain. This is night number 3 of this. Basically the only medicine that SOMETIMES helps my pain is Tramadol, but it also has a nasty side effect of keeping me awake all night (sort of manic). anybody else playing the pain-somnia game tonight? Any suggestions on how to win?

Sep 09, 2015 12:38 AM

Yep! Definitely playing and losing the pain- somnia game right now. Fell asleep for a little bit when my boyfriend called to check on me. . I feel kind of bad that he then had to listen to me cry because the pain was so intense. Hopefully both you and I can get some much needed rest. Sorry I don't have any more helpful advice.

Sep 09, 2015 1:34 AM

I don't have pain-somnia today and I feel for you because I know how horrible it is .. today is day 5 of steriod-somnia and it is starting to make me absolutely crazy.

I hope you both feel better soon!

Sep 09, 2015 6:04 AM

I sure hope you feel better soon as well!

Sep 09, 2015 7:37 AM

Well, somehow I managed to fall asleep. Praise God. I hope you all managed to, as well. I'd never heard of steroid- somnia, Linda. Isn't there anything they can give you to knock you out? I can't imagine 5 days of not sleeping.

Sep 09, 2015 7:53 AM

I managed to catch some sleep too. I. Hope there is something for Linda

Sep 09, 2015 9:15 AM

I use to have a lot of those. Thank god my GP has given me Valiums to lessen the muscle cramps hence makes sleep. Feeling relaxed muscles are like having an orgasm lol .....couldn't find a word.

Sep 09, 2015 1:46 PM

Muscle relaxers work for me. Steroids not only keep me awake, they make me grumpy, snippy, and down right combative... My PCP said it's "roid-rage."

I hope you all can soon be resting and sleeping well. 🙏🌼

Sep 09, 2015 1:54 PM

Steroid-somnia is the worst. I can sympathize Linda. Was on a taper of it when I first got injured but after 48 hours of no sleep, ended up throwing away the rest and just using the muscle relaxers and ultram(never together of course) but it ended up breaking the pain cycle then. If only something would break it now, that would be nice.Flappys, yes had the same thing with the oral steroids as well. Downright snippy and bitchy as well.

Sep 09, 2015 4:02 PM

Its the same thing every night.. no matter how i try.. and now I have insomnia and sleep apnenia to go with it.. ☺

Sep 09, 2015 9:24 PM

I feel your pain as my fibro keeps me up most of the night. I feel bad for my other half having to put up with me tossing and turning. I'm like a slow jack in a box!! Then when the restless legs kick in its even worse. Thank god he is loving and rubs my legs when this happens. On the solution side I've found that heat works well for me, a hot bath or shower then off to bed, I've been sleeping with my electric blanket on low (as its winter in Australia), also Tramadol x2 and half to a whole valium seems to get me off to sleep for a few hours at least.

Sep 10, 2015 8:56 AM

My hubby somehow sleeps right thru me tossing and turning. Lol. He had problems with restless legs when we first got married, but someone suggested he take magnesium and it worked! I swear, if he goes one night without it his legs start jumping again.

Sep 10, 2015 9:08 AM

OMG!! I spend most nights up looking at tv until 4,5 or 6am and then finally fl asleep and wake up at 7:30!! I feel so alone and like the whole world is snoozing while I'm awake. I take Restoril to sleep and it puts me to sleep briefly but the pain wakes me and I can't go back. I feel so sorry for those of you who are so sleep deprived. It adds to depression and anxiety and also makes it harder than normal to deal with your pains. I am sorry that you are going through this. Perhaps you can try some Melatonin. Try shutting things down about an hour before you want to sleep. Start letting your body relax and feel the quiet and sleep time coming. Take care of your nightly hygiene and then slip into bed. If you wake up, get out of bed and walk around. Leave the bedroom. Try not to turn on any bright lights as that will overstimulate your brain and you'll never get back to sleep. Then, go back to your room, lay back down and try to go back to sleep. I hope that this helps a bit and you get some rest.🌻🙏🏻

Sep 10, 2015 4:47 PM

I actually have found for me at least, that a hot bath about 1 1/2 hours before bed, with a little bit of lavender bubble bath gets me to the point where my back will shut up for about 4-5 hours. If I wake up in the middle of the night, another hot bath is sufficient for another 4-5 hours. I really have not slept all the way through the night consistently for just about 9 months and it does take a toll after a while of it.

Sep 10, 2015 5:00 PM

Amanda, I knew I left something out!! (Perhaps it's because I can no longer take a tub bath because I can't get down into it or get back up out of it any more so it's showers for me). Thanks for the reminder.

Sep 10, 2015 5:11 PM

I have to take a sleeping pill,RLS meds,couple pain pills, heating pad, and Xanax to even get 2-3 hrs if sleep. On top of the fibro I also arthritis sciatic nerve is pitched real bad and a few other things.. nothing helps the pain.. ugh!!

Sep 10, 2015 5:18 PM

Amcginnis, I totally understand that!! There are no drugs that help me to stay asleep and I rarely get 3 hours a night. I just saw a news report about the lack of sleep and what it does to your body and how sick it can make you or how much worse it can cause existing to get. I'm tired and frustrated because I can never get a decent night's sleep. It really increases my stress and anxiety. It becomes a vicious cycle. Hang in there, if you're up, come on here. More than likely you'll find several of us up and posting. Hope there are better nights ahead for all of us.

Sep 10, 2015 5:21 PM

Ty alwayzinpain.. I work 3rd shift.. so if I have down time I will do that ty..and rite now I'm just getting over walking pneumonia.

Sep 10, 2015 5:34 PM

Poor you.. I've had pneumonia 4 or 5 times. They found on my third one that I have what's known as Mocroplasm Pneumonia. It's a blood born issue and it can lay dormant for years and then if you get sick and it hits your chest, look out!!! It rears its ugly head and it's a horrible ride. (I think when I had pneumonia and was running 104.3 fever, though delirious, I was able to sleep for hours on end without interruption because I was so sick. Hang in there. Any time your Mom steps out of line, remind her of what you feel about the things she does. I'm sure deep down she worries about you, is scared for you and loves you very much.

Sep 10, 2015 10:47 PM

Amcginnis, I'm sorry about your sciatic nerve pain. Been there and it's no fun. Thank goodness my ESI's worked. I was on Ambien for 7 years until I began having bad side effects. I was weaned of but my antidepressant was tripled, due to finding out my serotonin levels were off. Now all I need, most of the time, is 3mg of melatonin. I sure wish there was an easier way for chronic pain sufferers to sleep easier. I still have some bad nights, but thank God it's not like before! 🙏🌼

Sep 11, 2015 7:03 AM

I must admit that I finally slept through an entire night last night without waking up. Doesn't mean I don't have pain this morning(oh yes, it's there) but I finally slept!

Sep 11, 2015 9:06 AM

Good fortunes on you Amanda but it's been more than 24 hrs since I slept. Sigh....it's both pain and stress at work, no matter how much hours I put in each day, 7 days, I'm not getting enough done or there's just too much obstacles to overcome.

I'm going to swallow two Valiums tonight for a well needed rest. I simply can't carry on like this. Being to the doc today's and she keeps saying one pill as needed when I've already told her I've been having one day and one night, but on my label, she puts one as per needed. I'm so not bothered anymore. I've tried my hardest to follow her schedules and constantly gave her feedbacks. One week she's fine with it, next week she's not. She's been good to me though, sigh, just ranting. Forgive me. Ain't feeling my best today for sure.

Sep 11, 2015 7:23 PM

That's OK Octobot. I haven't slept well the past two nights and I've been like a growling bear. It's got the best of me or else I'm getting sick. I fell asleep twice during the day and have had chills on and off. Normally we keep our thermostat at 75-76, but I ran it up to 77-78 because of shivering. I didn't even get a shower because I feel so tired, and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to dry my hair.

When my hubby came home he said I looked rough. I told him how I've felt and he asked, "Are you heading into a flare?" Hmmm? If it's not then I'm getting sick. Our weather is in the 80's but will drop to the 70's-days & 50's-night, Sunday through next weekend. Maybe that's some of it and my body is ultra sensitive. 🙏🌼

Sep 12, 2015 12:46 AM

I'm so freaking tired! This is the second night in a row and like the 4th night this week that I can't stop tossing and turning. I'm SO tired, but it either hurts to be in one position or it causes one of my limbs to go numb (and this is after going to the chiropractor this week). I wish I could cut my body in half just so everything could be comfortable! Ugh! Sorry for the whining. I know there's nothing to be done at this point.

You know what's hilariously annoying? The ease with which my husband falls asleep. Every night, midnight, out. He can literally be mid-sentence with me, and then he's snoring. His snoring's not so bad, sort of a light purring sound unless he's sick. But as soon he's out, nothing but the 2nd coming of Christ (or his alarm in the morning) will wake him. I would kill for that ability. Lol. Oh well.

Sep 12, 2015 2:14 AM

I know exactly what you mean kitty.. my husbands the same way! Out like a light anytime hes ready. There was a time I would actually get ticked off at him over it lol Pain and no sleep will do that to you when it feels like its never ending.

Sep 12, 2015 12:19 PM

Kittypain I tossed & turned from pain too. It feels like bursitis again on my hips and shoulders. I woke four times but never really fell into a deep sleep. I think the colors front coming through its partly to blame. I have felt drained from energy several days now. Here's to hoping and praying we all sleep better tonight! 🙏🌼

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