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Pain Specialist

Nov 16, 2015 9:31 PM

So I followed up with my pain specialist (after Mayo trip). He told me to come back after. I'd already seen the Ortho who told me, "Let the pain specialist take over treatment because we can't do anything surgically."

After updating him on what Mayo said, and the Ortho said, I expected him to "take over" my pain relief control, including any pain related meds. Not so. His response was, "I don't need to handle your pain meds. You need to keep getting whatever you're using from whichever doctor is prescribing. Maybe your PCP should handle it all. I only want to see you if they (Ortho doc) want me to do injections. If so they need to fax over an order."

While he's telling me this he is escorting me to the discharge desk, where he grabs a business card and hands it to me, pointing out the fax number. What the heck kind of treatment was that? Did he not understand the Ortho docs wanted him to evaluate and treat with injections? Omg!!! Did I misunderstand, or does that sound like a "nice" way of him telling me he doesn't want me as a patient? My hubby was ticked off, saying "well his attitude to us has been standoffish the last two times I went with you.". What pain specialist doesn't want to know & control the pain related meds a patient is on? I'm really ticked off (again) just posting about it. So I guess I get to start back at square one with my PCP, seeing the Ortho doc, Neuro doc, and now that pain doc basically wrote me off. I hate this! Maybe I'll be better off with none of those docs. 🙏🌼

Nov 16, 2015 9:50 PM

I had my last pain Dr tell me the same thing. It is very nerve racking not getting the proper help you need. My pcp doesn't really deal with any of my problems. But thankfully he will listen to me and let me try new meds to help me out. Hope you find some much needed help soon.

Nov 16, 2015 9:59 PM

Flappy, hang in there. It's really hard to find good docs, what he did was basically played hot potatoe with you. My PCP told me at my last appointment that the Feds are putting pressure on pain docs who over prescribe, in turn the docs who follow the rules have become paranoid. Some of them see undercover agents coming out of the woodwork. IMHO the war on drugs has reached a boiling point. When people with legit pain issues are having a hard time getting legit scripts, we the patients are going to have to kick up a fuss. We are the ones that are going to suffer so we have to be the ones who put pressure on out Representatives and Congress people to protect our rights. The docs won't do it because they are afraid of losing their licenses to practice. It's not right and it's not fair, but a very wise man once told me:
Rule #1. People don't act right
Rule #2. Life ain't fair
Rule#3. If you can't figure out how to live with rule #1 & rule #2 you're FUBAR (f*+ked up beyond all recognition)
I'm praying for you and hoping things get better, don't give up just keep looking for the right doc? YOU have a right to and deserve good medical care.

Nov 16, 2015 10:05 PM

Some Dr's don't want you to get red flagged either. So in a way it's good to keep with one Dr so you don't lose your pain meds altogether.

Nov 17, 2015 4:09 AM

Yeah, they get suspicious if you hop around too much, but sometimes you have no choice when you are looking for the one that fits you. Sorry about the rant earlier, it hasn't been the best month for me Dr. wise. I'm kind of at the point that I want to just scream . My pain specialist is either using Coke or an untreated Bipolar. He was so manic at my visit he was jumping from subject to subject, going off on tangents and even was rhyming my name with random words. He was supposed to stick a needle in my neck at that visit and my daughter and I were like uhhh no. So now I have to find a new doc 😁. Don't even get me started on the psychiatrist I saw, $300.00 out of pocket and he was such a jerk, lied to me about stuff. Just not good. So I apologize about the soap box, I'm frustrated....

Nov 17, 2015 5:45 AM

Flappys, yes went through a similar situation. Post accident went to PCP, they washed their hands of the issue, sent me to 2 different orthos( one non-spine, one spine) who both washed their hands of me. Finally getting quality care with PM but I'm still having to go see the damn ortho who washed his hands of me because there was nothing he could or wanted to fix surgically. I do give up some days.

Nov 17, 2015 7:13 AM

Flappys, I'm sorry you're dealing with that. I'm going through a very similar type of situation myself. Fortunately, my PCP and rheumatologist are still hanging with me though. I've been treated so rude by my specialists since I filed for disability. Actually had my neurologist stand with his hand on the doorknob while I was talking to him. He was ugly acting and very impatient. To the point of huffing with every question I had. With the last question I asked him before he raced out the door, he answered in such a way that wasn't yelling, but almost. Like he was fed up with my idiocy. Umm...excuse me, but I'm not the one with the plaque on the wall charging my butt $300 bucks for the 5 min that left me in a stupor wondering what the heck just happened here!
I haven't been on in a couple weeks now because I have been a mess ever since that all took place. I'm so fed up with all of it. One tells me one thing, another tells me another. 😩

Nov 17, 2015 7:20 AM

Oops, meant to say that I've not been on in a couple of weeks, partly because of what took place. There's been a lot to happen lately. I'm on overload, I think.
Too many doctors all telling something different. I'm just gonna try to study on all this for a bit and see where God leads me.

Nov 17, 2015 7:45 AM

I have first appointment with pain med specialist today. On the paperwork I filled out I take it he will not mess with meds but work with my primary Dr to ensure I'm getting relief. I don't even know what relief is...but still searching.

Nov 17, 2015 1:58 PM

Thank you, each and every one for your suggestions and thoughts. I guess we're all in a very rocky boat that can to multiple times.

After posting yesterday and calming down I placed a call to my PCP and requested he call me. He sends mixed messages, changing his decisions every few months, which has made me and my hubby uncomfortable, but in 30+ years he's been 80%+ a good doctor. When he called me back I explained to him that 1) pain doc doesn't want to handle any pain meds, 2) neurologist doesn't want to see me, saying my PCP can take over Tizanidine med if I need it for tremors. Told me to reduce and see how I did, & 3) was told not to take gabapentin for neuropathies until after Mayo testing. Have no appt with prescribing MD for gabapentin. Should I take it?

We discussed and decided that after reducing the tizanidine for tremors, since I've seen zero change and suspect "essential" &/or "familial" tremors because predominantly occurs when hand is in use, I will no longer take tizanidine.

We seizures and determined that I'd really not had a chance to see if gabapentin would help the fibro neuropathies, so he started me on 100 mg gabapentin, 2x day. I'm too chart any noticeable changes, good or bad, and we will go over in December at appt.

He said pain docs aren't wanting to deal with meds anymore, and he thinks it's best if he's over them... In an emergency they would contact my pcp for meds & allergies. So I guess this is settled for now.

Took my 2 gabapentin yesterday, late afternoon and bedtime. I slept without moving from 12:10am until 4:22 am! I'm so sensitive to meds that make you drowsy. I'm fighting to stay awake now because of my afternoon dose. I did NOT like feeling off-kilter this morning. It was like having vertigo every time I turned around. It weren't away after 2 cups of coffee. Whew! 🙏

Nov 17, 2015 8:51 PM

Glad you were able to talk to him. Hopefully someone will come up with something. Prayers and hugs sent your way.

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