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Painful headaches

Sep 02, 2014 9:50 PM

my headaches last days sometimes weeks or months even

Sep 03, 2014 10:00 PM

Mind if I ask what do you do? I was in computers and I would have headaches to the point I thought I was dying. When my business closed the headaches mostly went away and when I get them now they do not last as long. Now I get them most often at the grocery store. I believe I have a sensitivity to fluorescent lighting. Also I think stress compounded the problem.

Sep 04, 2014 12:52 AM

Can you describe how the pain feels? Like, for my Chiari 1, it's ALWAYS in the back, on my neck, and about half way up the back of my head. I also get sinus headaches, which feel very different for me. For instance, Chiari is always back, sinues is always below my eyes and at my temples. Regardless of how it feels. though, if you're having so much pain that they're lasting days & days at a time, you -need- to see a neurologist or, at the absolute bare bones minimum, your primary care doc. Ask them about imaging.

Jun 17, 2015 1:14 PM

I was doing well. Only having the occasional migraine. My pain has always been severe pressure sometimes one side, but almost always focused around my eyes. Usually laying down and taking a nap after a simple caffeine excedrin would do the trick. Not when I was working, they were 3 to 5 days a week of waking up with the pain and spending my days in a cycle of pressure building until I vomit, about once per hour. Then after closing of the business they were fewer and farther between and much less intense. Now two days ago I drank a premix lemonade that contains sucralose and sucrose and I am pretty sure that is what set me off. I only had a couple ounces at most, but within and hour I had lines in my vision and I could not even read. My head started building with pressure and them I started vomiting. The first night I had to babysit so I had to maintain, but last night I just had to lay down and sleep. I have been suffering all day today with the foggy drowsiness that I always seem to get after a bad migraine. Dull pain in my head but no pressure, just super tired. I have really strong pain meds for my back and my fibro, but they always seem to make my head worse. I hope this is not a sign that they are back. I am hoping it was just a side effect of drinking the lemonade. I did read the label but once I read, lemon juice, water, and sugar, I did not be the reading the rest. I thought it would be okay. Boy was I wroung.

Jun 18, 2015 9:01 AM

Saphire380, I'm sorry you've had such a rough time. I have migraines, sinus, and cervicogenic headaches. I've only reacted to a chocolate overload; too much or too rich. Maybe it's a true sensitivity of allergy that caused it. I wasn't aware sucralose & sucrose could cause them. My daughter recently started having them any time she eats nights. My youngest has them so badly they put her on blood pressure meds to help.

Back about 2012-2013 I was sent to a pain specialist who did epidural steroid injections (ESI) in my life cervical spine. After two rounds, 3 injx each round over the two years I went over 15 months before the migraines returned. If you're has returned on a cycle basis, maybe you could see if a pain specialist could help you. Mine has also treated my thoracic and lumbosacral areas, but not as efficiently.

I hope you get some rest and relief today. I'll say a prayer for you, that it was just the koolaid ingredients, and not a return of the migraines. 🙏🌼

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