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Pains out of control

Aug 16, 2015 8:57 PM

Hi everyone,
So,I had my company this weekend. The good news is I made it through a whole day at the kiddie amusement park with my 3 yo granddaughter, but BAD news is, I'm hurting really BAD. On top of this right sided abdominal pain, my fibro has flared and my legs are killing me. My ultram is not working and I can't get comfortable.

Does anyone feel that they cannot tolerate the heat? It was really warm and humid yesterday, but it does not seem to affect others as badly.

Aug 16, 2015 10:37 PM

Heat it's really bad for me, I prefer the cold and the rain. I think it just depends on the person, how they react to weather

Aug 16, 2015 11:27 PM

Chocolat, I have fibro as well and the weather changes, humidity, extreme heat, extreme cold, rain, dampness ALL contribute to my pain. I just went on a road trip on Friday that was almost 10 hours of driving that I did all of. I'm in a lot of pain and I have to be in pain management at 9am. I have a very hard time getting comfortable and even to get enough sleep. It's exhausting. Even in Morphine I am having trouble with the pain being over the top. I'm hoping this flare is a short one and after a couple of days I can get it under control. That's what happens when we overdo things. I hope you get some rest and get your pain under control. If you have a TENS Unit, now would be a good time to use it. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you the best. 💕🙏🏻🌻

Aug 16, 2015 11:39 PM

Im sorry you have this also. Sometimes sitting can be a BAD a being on my feet, so I feel for you. 10 hours is allot of driving!

Aug 17, 2015 7:15 AM

It sure was!! I AM glad that I fought through my anxiety and went anyway. It was rough but the reward of being with my best friend and going to check out horses (which is my ultimate passion). I am still paying for it and I have pain management this morning. When I get home, I'll take my meds, get in my recliner and try to relax. I wish you all the best and I look forward to speaking to you more. 💕🙏🏻🌻

Aug 17, 2015 8:58 AM

Chocolat, I'm glad you were able to enjoy a day with your granddaughter. I'm sorry it triggered a flare. Anytime I do more than 30 min on my feet it makes it very hard to sleep, but some of the throbbing and stinging in my lower legs and feet is from the venous reflux. But my fibro flares with any long duration, whether it's all day doc appts, enjoyable activities with family, or trying to clean or cook. I think the flares are just part of fibro, and I do think the hotter & muggier the humidity, or colder it is affects how we feel. For days I hurt it's hard to sleep I take melatonin. I don't sleep as well but at least I'm not awake all night either. Epson salt baths are helpful too. I don't know why they work but they do! I hope and pray you'll have a short term flare. 🙏🌼

Aug 17, 2015 9:29 PM

Thank you Flappy and always, you both are so nice and have great suggestions. What is venous reflux? Fibro is a horrible illness. It is always great too be with my granddaughter. She's the light of my life. :)

Aug 18, 2015 5:34 AM

Venous reflux is where the veins are not able to pump the blood back to the heart. Blood should flow from the heart to the body via arteries, and from the body to the heart via veins. There's a flap/fold that forms a one-way door in each artery or vein. When that doorway doesn't open & close properly, it allows the blood to back-flow in the wrong direction (reflux). It causes swelling of fluids in the feet and legs, burning and stinging and heavy painful legs (from standing out walking), and left untreated can cause large ulcers to develop. It's also the cause of varicose veins and bursting capillaries. My doc put me in support hose, knew highs to try and stop the reflux. I'm glad they caught mine early because the next day a lady showed me her ulcerations... It's awful. She said, "this is what your doc is trying to protect you from getting.". 🙏🌼

Aug 18, 2015 9:13 AM

Eow, how awful!

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