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Panic attack

Sep 06, 2016 5:09 PM

Okay so I'm sitting here watching and all the sudden I break down with a panic attack , nothing that I do is helping, anyone have any ideas?? Please , I can't do this anymore!

Sep 06, 2016 5:28 PM

I've never had a panic attack, at least I don't think I have. But when my stress gets really bad and I'm almost in tears, or screaming in anger, I sit somewhere quiet, close my eyes and focus on my breathing. I visualize my lungs filling with air, clean and fresh, and I exhale all the nasty energy that I am feeling. Slowly it begins to clear and the world is right again for me.

I'm sorry to hear you are suffering tonight....

Sep 07, 2016 12:11 AM

I sersiously can't get over my panic attacks unless someone validates my feelings about why I'm having a panic attack, or take ativan or valumm. Sorry hun oh wait! I KNOW ONE!
The ten things!
Find 10 things you can see
9 things you can touch
8things you can hear
7things you can feel around you and inside you
6 happy memories
5 things you can smell
4 things you can look forward to
3 book you like and their plot
2 people that love you
1 thing you can taste

Basically you do ten thing that will ground you in reality and distract you and remind you that theres nothing to panic about.

Sep 07, 2016 12:29 AM

Hi sweetheart πŸ€—
I concentrate on my breathing...πŸ€— bringing everything to a stop and counting each breath πŸ€—in an out...slowing everything down πŸ˜™with an internal mantra of "it will pass"...😚 focus on it passing... accept it is happening 😚... and let it goπŸ€—...u can do this angel... i believe in u πŸ€—...it will be ok πŸ˜™

Sep 07, 2016 6:31 PM

I've suffered with anxiety attacks for years. I always try to do deep, cleansing breathing exercises. Sometimes it doesn't work all that well (depends on how bad it is). Most of the time, it does help though. You got this, MoparMom. That Ten thing sounds like it could work, by the time I remember what I'm counting, it would be all gone. If it happens again, give it a go and if you need to, just message me and I'll do my level best to talk you through {{Hugs}}πŸ’•

Sep 07, 2016 10:38 PM

I have been suffering from panic attacks for over 10 years, lately they are almost daily because of my pain and aches, electric feelings and tingling, maigrains, etc. what I do before taking a Xanex, tense all your muscles from head to toes and start relizing from your toes and move up your entire body slowly one by one, also use mint oil and breath, slowly inhale and exhel, try to reassure yourself and say, I am okay now after a previous panic attack is all in my head I am alright, I will be alright, meditate, I hope it helps, for me sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't !! Good luck I know how horrible it is and how frightening can be, specially when you are around other people. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

Sep 08, 2016 2:18 AM

Hi sweetie
I suffer panic attacks all the time - recently I saw a new psych specialist and he said something that has helped me immensely
- Acknowledge what is happening
Listen to you're breathing and try to slow it down
- try do do something even if it's is writin your name down over and over again

Hope it helps
Thinking of you

Sep 09, 2016 10:20 AM

Samanthrose, where on fb did you get that? I can't quite see it very well and want to take a look at it.

Sep 09, 2016 12:04 PM

Moparmom .. I just googled the coping toolbox and it popped up in images ... Sorry to hear about your panic attack ... Mine happen out of the blue as well .. thanks for starting the thread ... It's been helpful.

Sep 09, 2016 8:07 PM

Moparmom, sorry I'm late seeing this, but I trust you're much better. I do the same as others with relaxed breathing. And I'm going to find the coping toolbox.. Thanks SamanthaRose. Hugs love & prayers you find ways to control these attacks! πŸ™‚πŸ’•πŸ™πŸŒΈ

Sep 16, 2016 12:42 AM

Sorry Im late the dog collapsed and had a siezure my sister in law is having an MS relapse that could end her ability to walk....anyways I think it was on an anxiety group but it seem that yall found it by google...

Sep 16, 2016 1:28 AM

SamanthaRose, I am so sorry to hear of the horrible things that are happening in your life at the moment. I hope that your Sister-In-Law's MS relapse didn't end her ability to walk. I'll be praying for her. I'm so very sorry about the dog collapsing and having seizures.. That's a nightmare and I have to say that it's a horror when stuff like that happens. Sending positive vibes and {{{Hugs}} your way. Give me a Hollar if you need to chat. πŸ’•

Sep 16, 2016 7:25 AM

Samanthrose, sorry to hear about your sister in law, she will be in my prayers.

Sorry to hear about your dog as well, we have a Chi-Chi that has seizures and has to take seizure medications every day and her seizures went from 5-6 a month to 1 or 2. Watch the dog's sodium intake because that can be a trigger.

Thank you for your help samanthrose, and again you and your family is in my prayers, I pray that everything works out for your sister in law, ms is a nasty thing, I watched my cousin have relapse after relapse because of ms and it was hard, so I can imagine how difficult it must be for your family. Sending you and your family lots of Prayer's, love, Support, hug's and Sunshine to help you all get through this difficult time.πŸ™πŸ˜˜πŸ’–πŸŒΉπŸ’πŸŒž

P.s. if you ever need to or want to talk I'm here for you.

Sep 19, 2016 7:36 AM

I am here for any one who needs me. Even though I am still getting physical therapy and then Lymphedema at Elite Physical therapy.

Sep 19, 2016 10:57 AM

SamanthaRose, I'm so sorry to hear about your sister and pray that she has not lost the ability to walk. And I hope your dog is okay now. We had a cat that has seizures several times. The first time it happened was in front of my children and we all freaked out. It turns out the cat had eaten salamanders black ones with white spots. The vet said it was like taking an LSD trip. Keep us posted on your sister. Hugs love and prayers to all!

Sep 19, 2016 9:32 PM

My sister in law isn't doing as well as she should, she can still walk but it becuase she is having 5 days of steriods. The dog...omg what a dumb dog. I smoke medical weed, the dog found some of my stash and ate the whole thing, so the dog is fine, she was just stoned off her ass....so like the cat the seizure was from being high...dumb dog...

Sep 20, 2016 9:43 AM

My family has a little dog that has seizures ever now and then. So don't feel bad . Even I used to have seizures 20 years ago . I almost went to be with the Lord. But luckly I am here☺!

Sep 21, 2016 7:42 AM

When i have been in a panic attack talking to some one or text to one another or even watching something might get your mind off like it did mine.

Sep 23, 2016 3:04 AM

SamanthaRose, years ago when I was a stupid kid, I was hanging out at a friend's house and we found a hamster stuck in the drain!!! We rescued him and he was very friendly. While we were looking for a tank to set up for him. We had him in a huge 7-11 cup and had tons of holds in the lid and a straw int the opening so he could breathe. While setting up the tank we decided to smoke a blunt and blew smoke into the straw. When we finished, we had set up a really big cozy tank for him and when we put him in there, he went over and took a HUGE drink, had the munchies and fell asleep in the food dish.. LOL!! I remember we laughed so hard.. Poor little thing. I'd punch somebody's lights out if I saw them so that today. The little guy was just fine and he lived for 4 years... Guess no harm was done thank goodness. LMAO!! πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»πŸ˜Š

Sep 26, 2016 7:11 PM

Im new to panic attacks also.....i take attivan. Its my new best friend when i have panick attacks....my dr is giving my pregabilin for my anxiety. Who knew. What helps for fibromyalgia also helps anxiety

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