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Physical therapy help!!

Dec 01, 2017 7:22 PM

My insurance just denied more physical therapy visits and I've only had 14 (2 times a week). My physical therapist said that they could tell my insurance that I have fibromyalgia and hopefully they will allow more visits. Since I started going before I got diagnosed with fibro. The referral was for low back pain when I first started going to physical therapy. I looked up online and it says that my insurance only covers 1/4 of people with fibro to go to PT and they make you jump through all kinds of hoops before they will approve it. Has anybody gone through this? And do you have any advice. I desperately need physical therapy so the news that my insurance won't cover it anymore is devastating. I don't have anymore energy left to fight to get better I spent over 5 years just fighting for a diagnosis and I just can't fight anymore I just do t have the energy

Dec 02, 2017 4:03 PM

I haven't gone through this, nor do I have fibromyalgia. My advice would be to get your healthcare team to write letters confirming that you do need physio and the benefit they expect it to provide, you write a letter of how physio has helped you, and search online (and print off) for studies that show there's a benefit for fibromyalgia patients who undergo physio.

Dec 02, 2017 4:03 PM

Submit the doctor's letters, your letter, and the studies to your insurance provider.

Dec 03, 2017 4:17 AM

I've exceeded the number of PT appts I can have in any given year. So I feel your frustration. Sadly the insurance company is not out to help. Have to pay cash here. :/

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