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P.I.P news (uk)

Mar 12, 2016 12:16 PM

Sooooo over the moon right now. I have been awarded PIP benefit. Top level for living & standard for mobility. Brilliant. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Mar 12, 2016 1:41 PM

Fabulous!!!! I am absolutely thrilled for you!! I hope that it takes a huge burden off your shoulders. πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»πŸ˜Š

Mar 12, 2016 3:28 PM

Thanks. It certainly does. I had to reduce my working hours from 35 down to 10 and most of the time, I can't manage that. 😒

Mar 12, 2016 3:42 PM

Now you can start managing your health and try to enjoy a few good days. I am currently trying to do one thing a week for me. Coffee with a friend, or art, still cant afford a spa pedicure but i might go to the park to watch the sqirrells

Mar 12, 2016 6:04 PM

That's awesome! I'm so happy for you. :) That helps so much, now you can take time to concentrate on you.

Mar 12, 2016 7:24 PM

Congratulations! I know it's a relieved burden for you. πŸ™‚πŸ’•πŸ™πŸŒΌ

Mar 13, 2016 1:24 AM

Great news BishBosh, was that a new claim or a transfer over from DLA?

Mar 13, 2016 1:34 AM

Hi Bishbosh. How did you get PIP as I have tried and have had to give up work completely as I never know if am able to do anything until I wake up. I was refused PIP and have been waiting over 21 months for my health assessment. I have been told to lie and makeout it's worse than it is. Only someone who doesn't live with fibro and may have lupus would say that. I feel like thy have no idea. Just because they see me on good days they think all is OK. Please advise me. I finally have my assessment at the end of the month. Help

Mar 13, 2016 1:37 AM

JAHMAC, it was a new claim and i had built myself up to be rejected and take it to court, so a very happy surprise. 😊

Mar 13, 2016 1:38 AM

Thank you I will look into that

Mar 13, 2016 1:47 AM

KitKat21, I am sorry to hear that. I expected to be turned down to. You shouldn't have to lie, Fibro is very disabling. I took my husband with me and just explained in detail what happens to me on my worst days which are 5 out of 7. Told them how much my husband has to do for me, like cooking, cutting up my food, the housework, the shopping, washing my hair, taking me to appointments. How I am a shadow of my former self. I now have no confidence, no social life, aggrophobic, a hermit & can't cope with financial matters or making any kind if decisions, even about dinner as i have a complete meltdown. You have to put them in your shoes. Goid luck sweety. Big hugs. 🐻 🐻

Mar 13, 2016 3:09 AM

Thank you will try just feel am up against it with everyone including family xx

Mar 13, 2016 3:19 AM

I know sweety. My husband is my last friend left and my family think I'm a hypochondriac. It is a very lonely disease. Don't ever give up tho. It is so hard not too but don't let this disease 'become you'. You are more than that. You will eventually find a 'new you' how ever long it takes.
I have chronic kidney disease, hypothyroidism, Degenerative Disc Disease, osteoarthritis, spondylosis, M.E & Fibromyalgia & Fibro is by far the worst thing I have to deal with. Xx

Mar 13, 2016 7:15 AM

That's really great,they know when it's clear that you need this benefit, mine was a clear cut award, and knowing that I have the full 10 year award before having to be reviewed is good, not that I'm gonna suddenly not be quadriplegic and my needs change πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. And remember you'll get any money backdated to your original form admission date.

Mar 13, 2016 1:12 PM

Kitkat, when filling in your forms you really need to fill them out as though it is when you're at your worst, as this is what you have to cope with at its worst. It may be you have varying days, and you can write about that, but it's important to fill out about your worst days.

Mar 13, 2016 1:49 PM

Congrats! That has to be a great relief!! Am I correct to assume PIP is comparable to USAs SSI?

Mar 13, 2016 2:11 PM

Hi autoimmunerrrrr.
Pip stands for personal independent payment. You can still work. It's a payment to help with your daily living...ie....needing a cleaner or but specially adapted appliances or an electric scooter to get about....
What does SSI stand for?

Mar 13, 2016 2:15 PM

BishBoshManor- that sounds amazing! Good for you! SSI is our social security, we pay into it with every dollar earned over our working lives. Then at retirement age, we are allotted an x amount each month. For those of us in need of it sooner, we go through a very long & drawn out process to receive it. I am 42, paid into it since I was 14. Stopped working full time, last year. I am not asking for money that isn't mine so I thought it would be easier. My time in front of the deciding judge is scheduled in 16 months.

Mar 13, 2016 3:09 PM

I have my pip assessment on Friday I have been getting this for the last two years but for some strange reason I don't think I will get it again if I do I'm going to cut down my hours at work so as I have me time x

Mar 13, 2016 4:58 PM


Mar 14, 2016 2:58 AM

Wonderful news! I had to try twice to get mine. First time I was flat out refused despite having a panic attack at the assessment and being unable to do much of anything. It's all based on how you fill in your form. Don't expect them to check doctor or specialist records because they almost certainly won't.
I used an advocate second time and they were invaluable to me. I can't fill in the forms without serious anxiety. Just talking about it on the phone saw my blood pressure rise to borderline high when it's normally borderline low!
No reviews until 2020 (2019 probable as it's usually a year before the award end I think).

Mar 14, 2016 4:42 AM

PIP was easy to get, told them the truth and started claiming while I was at work to help with taxi fares etc. I had to give up work eventually and now applying for ESA (SSI). That's when the fun began. Beenwaiting since November. Had my assessment in January.... Still waiting.

Mar 14, 2016 6:12 AM

Bishbosh sorry for the late reply. Bad day yesterday. Thank you for your support and kind words you have no idea how grateful I am for them. My husband left me over a year ago as he couldn't cope with my pain n change in my abilities etc. I'm now alone with three children and a large house that I need to sell. I have to get it done up a bit before I sell but at least I'm moving forward. Your advise is great and I'm going to look into it again

Mar 14, 2016 6:14 AM

JAHMAC. Just wanted to thank you for your input and advise too. Invaluable as I never want to admit how bad things are let alone write about it to strangers

Mar 14, 2016 6:21 AM

Bless you sweetpea. I'm so sorry to hear about your marriage. That's sucks!! Our house is too big aswell and is now on the market but selling this is sooo stressful. We spent all day Saturday making our house look like a show home for a viewing at 4.30pm for them to cancel at 4pm. I had a complete melt down and then spent all of Sunday on morphine and am still bad today....but....it HAS to go, so will find the strength from somewhere to keep going. Have you been able to join a local support group? You need to get a local 'advocate' to help you fill in the forms and attend meetings with you. Theses people are amazing. Look it up on google. The help and support is out there, it's just getting motivated to find it. Hope you have a lovely day. 😊 🐻🐻🐻xx

Mar 14, 2016 6:23 AM

Your so kind thank you. Sounds like you could do with having positive thoughts and vibea sent your way xx hope your house sells soo. Thus less stress making it perfect everyday.

Mar 15, 2016 1:42 AM

Scrossy-This time of year often is slower, as its end of tax year approaching. Unfortunately both ESA and PIP can take a long time, it's nearly always Atos/whoever it may be now who have the delay, as, as soon as it gets back to the DWP, the generally only take 2-4 weeks to make their decisions. If they haven't sent the report back to DWP in the time they normally specify, then email them, email is always the best form,as its on record and they are more likely to speed things up than if you phone. Be persistent... 😊

Mar 15, 2016 1:54 AM

Kitkat, it is so very hard to have to write down on a piece of paper just how bad things are for ourselves, it's there, right in front of us to see....... It's that realisation that, whoa! This is what I cope with on a daily basis, that it's suddenly staring back at you, your life,every struggle you have,But it's actually kind of helpful(I found anyway),because for me anyway it gave me the permission I needed to give myself to just say, it's ok! It's ok that I asking for help, it's ok that I have this pain and I'm trying to get the extra support I need(obviously not ok that we are in pain😊)

Mar 15, 2016 2:19 AM

I guess I will have to discuss it with them again. Thank you so much for your advise n support you have been wonderful. X

Apr 19, 2016 9:23 PM

How is everyone doing now? It's been about a month since this thread was active. I am super curious to read up on a follow up! I care so much for our little family here. πŸ€—

Apr 20, 2016 12:55 AM

I suspect there probably isn't any news yet, unless miraculously Atos have become super efficient..... I'm hoping you have had some news though,please do let us know if you feel you want to share with us any outcomes that may have happened. 😊

Apr 22, 2016 11:23 PM

Haha! I would love to have something to share! My day in court isn't for another 15 months here in the USA....

Apr 23, 2016 12:10 AM

Our system is so messed up. Look how long you have to wait to get a hearing. You practically go homeless, your pain level certainly increases from the stress of waiting and worrying, going without medication and treatment needed during the time you wait. The lump sum you receive is nice but you suffer to get it during the waiting process. The system needs an overhaul badly.

Apr 23, 2016 2:06 PM

Congratulations! I managed to get Middle rate for living/caring and low rate for disability but I didn't tell them I was in a wheelchair for a little over a year and a half. I can walk very short distances now

Jul 05, 2016 2:47 AM


I have DLA "awarded indefinately"...but i have no idea when they will stop this and put me up for PIP!

I am so happy u got it! It took me 18months and 2 appeals to get my DLA but it was marked as indefinately... so not sure when they will come to change me over... i hope its ok... but im ready for a fight lol! (I get higher mobility and lower care atm)

Much love to u all this morning x

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