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Post operative pain following Total left hip replacement on 20.10.14

Oct 25, 2014 1:12 PM

I was diagnosed with bi lateral OA in my hips in April this year. I also have flattened lumbar discs between l2 and l3 with synovial cysts but no nerve impingement. I had the first total hip replacement on Monday 20th October and was discharged from hospital on 23rd with paracetamol and codeine for pain relief. I'm finding that I'm getting a degree of breakthrough pain that feels 'nervy' - heavy throbbing leg extending down to the top of my foot with associated stabbing pains. hospital say just keep taking the pills BUT the pain is making it hard to perform the prescribed exercises. The hospital practices an Enhanced Recovery Programme - in and out quick to reduce risk of hospital acquired infections ... however the onus is now totally down to me to get myself sorted following this major surgery. anyone else out there in (or have been in) the same boat?!

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