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Pregnancy and Autoimmune diseases and adoption

Mar 29, 2015 6:50 AM

I plan to have kids in the future and am worried about flare ups. Anyone been pregnant and wish to share their experience? I also had my pelvis shattered and screwed back together and a few barely herniated disks in my lumbar area which causes me to be concerned. My obgyn already said I will need a c-section. Stories would be great to hear! I have always wanted to adopt but now I want to have my own. Likely trying to do a combo. Also and adoption stories would be great!

Mar 29, 2015 10:12 AM

mydogmasksmypain, I had back pain issues when I was pregnant. And my youngest was really big, so she pushed and kicked at my back and pelvis bones which was painful. I found walking eased it back then unlike now. But I didn't have fibro either, not then. I'm now 53 and have constant low back, SI joint and pelvic pain. I have DDD and osteoarthritis on top of bulging discs.

When I was pregnant the OBGYN told me to place a pillow between my legs when sleeping on my side, to help reduce pain in the pelvic-lumbar region. I also enjoyed an occasional massage (in one of those forward facing chair things.

Mar 29, 2015 10:23 AM

Oops, didn't mean to post yet. Because of your surgery to the pelvis a CSection would be easier delivery. Having two vaginal births, 2 very big babies, it caused permanent movements of my pelvic girdle, and the SI joints. I've also had 2 c section type cuts for abdominal surgery, and comparing the two, I'd have opted for the c section for delivery, given a choice. Its not painful but it is moderately uncomfortable, or to me anyway. They did cut through some nerves and 5+ years later my low abdomen is still numb. You know how tired you get with the fibro. The first 3 months of both my pregnancies I stayed very tired. I actually slept a lot with the second. I was anemic for some reason. And I was hospitalized about the 6-7th weeks for excessive morning sickness, both times about 4-7 days. Saltines & Ginger Ale was my closest friend then...😉

I'll keep you in my prayers, that when you get pregnant it will go smoothly for you, and your baby will be healthy. 🙏🌼

Mar 29, 2015 11:53 AM

Thank you so much. I'm afraid of the kicking and all. Plus most of the meds I'm currently on are unsafe during pregnancy. I'm thinking slightly too far into the future. Likely won't start trying for at least four years. By then I may have a better idea of my diagnoses and pain management tools.

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