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Mar 31, 2018 8:23 AM

Hi all,

Let me start at the beginning. 12 months ago I started getting a uncomfortable fullness ache/pain in my right groin. I saw a surgeon, underwent a groin exploration which was negative. No hernia, no inflamed lymph nodes no cancer which was the main concern. After this I saw another surgeon who stated I was overly sensitive along my pubic bone as well as this weird fullness sensation in my groin. He said he believes I have something called pubitis and referred me to an orthopedic surgeon/specialist. I had an appointment come through for Wednesday - 5 days! Anyone in the UK reading this will know how long it takes to get an appointment through the NHS. The waiting lists are normally months. So now I'm worried, when they thought it was cancer they pushed my referral through as a 2 week wait which is standard in the NHS. I have googled pubitis, pubitis with a fullness feeling in groin with no real results as to what it is.

Can anyone help? I know I only have a few days to wait but this is triggering my anxiety which of course is flaring up my fibromyalgia!

Thanks for any replies in advance.

Hayley 🌈

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