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"Growing pains"

Sep 19, 2017 2:15 AM

I am 21 and diagnosed with fibromyalgia. When I was a kid (starting age 3) I got "growing pains", yup that awesome term meaning "we have no idea why your kid hurts all the time". I had them severely through my legs and just my legs well after my growth plates had closed and even still today. But always had my pain put down to growing pains (lol). Until at age 19 I got NEW "growing pains" this time in my wrists and then also my left arm, finger tips to shoulder. Yeah, not growing pains but also no other explanation so TADA diagnosis: FM. Has anyone else had experiences like this? Growing up with unexplainable pain/ "growing pains" that just never went away?

Sep 19, 2017 1:11 PM

I got told the exact same thing as a child. And it wasn't until I was 18 they started to try to figure out what the pain is. I have no been diagnosed with fibromyalgia

Sep 19, 2017 2:13 PM

Exact same thing was said to me from when I started having chronic pain at age 8. Eventually it turned into doctors saying "we don't know what's wrong." Now I'm 19 and still don't have a diagnosis, but I'm 99% sure I have (and always had) Juvenile Enthetisis Related Arthritis.

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