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Random spurts of anger

Sep 24, 2016 7:03 PM

So I've noticed along with my panic attacks and nervous issue I find myself getting very angry out of the blue or get overly angry over thingd's thst are not really a big deal. Has anyone every dealt with this if so how? Do u Emily the same technique as panic attacks?

Sep 24, 2016 7:15 PM

I have noticed that I am also going through this anger. I don't have panic attacks but sensory overload. I am my mom's caregiver so I rent a room from my parents. That way if I am needed I am right here. But dad's hard of hearing so the tv is on pretty high. Often I get so overloaded with noise and lights etc..that I feel my emotions over emphasized.. I used to go to the park close by - but I don't have my car to do that. Am getting really good at biting my tongue.

Sep 24, 2016 7:19 PM

I can understand totally. I live with my parents too. And mom is the typical helicopter parent even with me being 37. I love dark and quite room. Mom also has tv loud and ahe speaks loud and my dad is very assertive and they get into it a lot. Even at this advance age. So like you I tend to feel very grounded and monitored.
What do u do to help keep yourself calm?

Sep 24, 2016 7:23 PM

I often will go to my room and read. When it's not so hot I can sit outside. When my cars not totalled. (ugh) I would drive about 3 miles to this little park that's beside the river. Not many go there so it's quiet and just being outside helps. Oh and I have discovered coloring books for adults. :) that can help me refocus as well. Having a dear friend who understands helps to. I often message with her on Facebook..

Sep 24, 2016 8:10 PM

All very good ideas and I'm glad you got a system down . I'm still working on all this and learning how to navigate this new normal.

Sep 24, 2016 8:34 PM

Think alot of us know exactly how u feel, wish i had answers to help though..heck i just posted about how i feel my marriage is being affected

Sep 24, 2016 8:35 PM

You will get there. Its a trial and error thing, unfortunately. What helps others may not help you. I am sure though that you will find what works best for you...

Sep 25, 2016 10:03 AM

Thanks really just knowing that I'm just a mean heffer means s lot to me.
I feel as if my family is upset with me feels in rude for staying to myself. And they do things thst hurt me and feel as if I should just desk with it.

Sep 25, 2016 10:20 AM

Newfibrogirl I've found in the last while I've been very overwhelmed and have no tolerance for any bullshit. I have found my fuse is very short and I'm quick to snap and then feel very badly about it. I told my family yesterday that I was sorry and it wasn't intentional and that I felt bad at snapping at them. It's natural when you've come to the end of your rope to be that way. What you need to do is grab onto the end of another rope so you have plenty left and that will make it a bit easier. Hang in there Sweetie.. you got this!! Sending some cherries just for you!!!

Sep 25, 2016 2:02 PM

Alwayz believe it or not I feel bad taking part of someone else's rope. We all have our life's issues. And sometimes it feels I'm imposing on others or burdening them with issues they do t care about.
Thanks for the kind words I appreciate it.

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