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Recently got a steroid injection in my shoulder to relive pain.

Nov 01, 2018 12:14 PM

I have been to many doctors who have not been able to identify what is causing the pain in my shoulder. This morning I got a steroid injection. The area where I got the injection is pretty sore right now. I was wonder if anyone has had a steroid injection before and if it helped their pain. How long did it take for the soreness of the injection to go away? I want to make sure that the pain I am feeling is just from the needle and recently being injected and not my regular pain.

Nov 01, 2018 12:26 PM

Rach1234 ,I had Medial Branch Block injections twice in my neck and upper back. The first injection did not help but made me sore for about 4-5 days , but the second injection I saw results. I had the nerves that were causing so much pain burned a week ago though so now I’m waiting 1 more week to see if any of the procedures helped and I want need pain meds for a while

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