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Reseting sleep cycles

Dec 01, 2015 6:46 PM

I have a question but I doubt anyone can help me.
How do you reset sleep cycles without drugs?
I work rotating shift work, I have been on evening shift since nov 22 and I'm on midnight standby. I got called out Wednesday night / Thursday morning and it screwed up my already screwed up sleep even more.
I have been unable to sleep more than a light doze for a few minutes at a time during the night. I seem to be falling asleep between 10am and 11am and sleeping for about an hour.
I have an appointment in the morning at 11:30am about 45 minutes from where I live.
I have to make this appointment.
I am also (still) on call for the midnight shift so I cannot take anything to help me sleep, not even melatonin.
I'm looking for any ideas that might help me be able to sleep easier while not being drugged incase i get called out. Technically I'm not done my work duties until 7am Monday morning, and both Monday and Tuesday (my days off) I have morning appointments that I need to be functional for.
I find reading or watching tv to stimulating and I have this problem where if I start something I have to finish it.
Also I can't do housework at night without waking my bf up because I'm super clumsy and always drop things.

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