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Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Aug 09, 2016 12:30 PM

Anyone here have the same thing? I have been dealing with it for 9 1/2 months with no really. I have gone through months of physical therapy one that ganglionic impar block injection and I'm going back to the doctor today to tell her the injection didn't work. I cannot sit for more than five minutes, laying down is hard to find a comfortable position and standing well only lasts so long. My left hip has recently started to hurt as well. Feeling hopeless and in search of anyone that might have experience and advice.

Aug 09, 2016 2:08 PM

Mumsiemcmuscles, welcome to our family community. I am sorry you are suffering so. I also have SI Joint disfunction and it is extremely painful. I have had injections and they have helped and then not helped. I don't know if there's anything further that they can do for me. I know there are others here who also have the same condition. I wish you well and hope that some of the other folks in the group are able to give you more information. Looking forward to getting to know you. Don't lose hope, there's something that has to bring you some relief. Sending you gentle {{{{Hugs}}}} and prayers for a better day. 💕🙏🏻🌻😊

Aug 09, 2016 5:19 PM

I have that too. Also arthritis in my lumbar and sacral vert., fused (not by surgery) last lumbar and 1st sacral vert (just took anatomy and cant remember how many lumbar vertebrae there are!), 2 bulging lumbar discs, fibromyalgia, sciatica, sacroilliac disease, deg. Disc disease, scoliosis, severe heel pain, and more crap that i cant remember, along with treatment resistant depression and anxiety.
I come on to this site every so often. I think it works better if ur a regular.
My pain is as u described: i can never ever get into a position where i am not in agonizing pain. Its been going on this bad for about 8 months. I had 3 years where the pain was managed greatly with a fentanyl patch, then honestly, it just quit working. I had an injection a month ago and felt so good for about 2 1/2 weeks. My depression started to lift and i was happy to be alive again. Now, im ashamed to say it, but the thought of dying so that i dont have to go thru this pain has slipped back into my head and i cant get it out.
I havent had luck with pain management at all and the new regulations regarding opiates in Maine has the drs not willing to prescribe adequate medication. I was on a 50mcg patch...now im down to 25mcg and feel like i should just get off it altogether.
Noone in my life understands. My husband ignores me now becuz i just dont get better.
Yoga helped my low back pain. I stopped goi g 3 months ago becuz even yoga made me hurtore...i do gentle amd Yin yoga. I havent been back becuz of anxiety and pain and no desire or motivation. You should try it if u havent.
The best thing for me is to putter around the house and not stand in one place for long. That might help you.
I wish i could offer you more hope. But i just cant understand how people can live like this. It is unbearable and i find myself breaking down and crying all the time, like you, because it hurts so intensely. And still NOBODY GETS IT. Ive grown resentful that my husband of 27 years doesn't offer to do something for me like rub my back or say something comforting.
I take ambien and 100mg of seroquel and that helps me to sleep for a couple of hours here and there, tho im constantly turning from one side to the other because of pain, mostly in my hips and sacrum. I use 2 heating pads. One for my sacrum and sciatica and the other for my low back.

Forgive me: i didn't mean to write a book here but i guess i have a lot to get out. I am also sorry for being so negative.

I hope u find help.in here emotionally and u discover the things that help with your pain.

And i pray that everyone in here feels less pain...

Aug 09, 2016 9:13 PM

Mumsie, you might have a Tarlov Cysts on your spine. Symptoms are all yours. Get a written report of your mri. Look for any cysts, the readers call them by all sorts of names. If you have one stop all physical therapy and do not let them talk you into any shots in your spine. The docs will tell you they do not cause symptoms but they do. I am one who has them. They arre considered rare if they are symptomatic.

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