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Savella is a great help

Feb 12, 2017 6:39 AM

I'm new here but have had FM since I got really sick at 21. I'm 53 now and I've had terrible experiences with doctors if all kinds. I've tried every med u could imagine - some good some bad. I currently take Percocet in addition to Savella for fibromyalgia. I tried gabapentin and cymbalta but they made me suicidal. I was even on OxyContin and Methadone but I'm not an addict. I take these meds as directed. Just a side note: Do NOT eat ANYTHING with poppy seeds if ur on a narcotic. I was hooked on lemon/poppyseed biscotti and ate it daily for a month - even on my way to pain mgmt appt. after being a perfect compliant patient and always testing clean, I was dismissed from the practice because my test showed metabolites if codeine. I had no idea it was poppy seeds and I never worried because I'm not an abuser. It was a huge blow to me and they the dr wouldn't even talk to me. I begged them for a blood test and a lie detector test but they said no. Ironically, I was the one to contact them and ask why my results showed up positive. Long story short, I gradually took myself off the methadone which did wonders and tried to take Percocet with the help of my family dr. She's wonderful. I am now taking the highest dosage possible for Savella and although it took 4-6 months to get up to therapeutic levels that are effective, it is well worth it. It's very expensive but Forrest Pharmaceuticals has a patient assistance program that pays for everything. It's also non narcotic.

I urge all of you to research this medicine if nothing else has worked. It's truly a blessing. I still suffer terribly each day, but at least I can go to work and function. Plus, it has lightened my mood and I actually feel more like the old me most days.

I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I have been treated like a drug addict, kicked out of an ER as a drug addict (with my 80 yr old mom in tow in the middle of the night in severe snowstorm) and have been told by family in friends that it's just an excuse snd I'm a drama queen. I get anxiety attacks when I go to dr or ER as a result. The medical profession needs to interview the people in our lives in addition to us. Maybe then they could accept our illness. Even now doctors don't believe it's real.

God bless each and every one of you. Thank you for being my support system, as I have no one in my life. I apologize for ranting. I think being able to talk to people opened the floodgates. Does anyone else feel embarrassed by it? Its nonsensical but I still feel deeply ashamed as a result of my perceived 'weakness'.

Feb 12, 2017 8:08 AM

Welcome to the community weewisp. I'm glad you found something that helps you. Everyone reacts differently to meds. I can't take savela because of a psyc med I take. I take Lyrica. Gabapentin did nothing for me. Lyrica is a Godsend. The community is like a family. We are all over the world so we come on different time zones.

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