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Say it or let it go

Jun 24, 2016 7:35 PM

Handling my emotions are rough now a days. Tension get high at a point t when I'm in the most pain and trying to please everyone. I'm taking heat thsts ment for someone else.
My struggle is do I remind them that I have an illness thst is nkt curable plus tumors I'm doing four days of PT a week . So expecting me to still be Suzie homemaker is not realistic.
Do I say it or do I just let it go? Attempting to be respectful but also really tired of dealing with the drama..
What do I do? How do I fine the peace I need?

Jun 24, 2016 7:40 PM

Oh that's a hard one.
Don't say anything and they'll walk all over you and it'll continue to be a big problem.
Say something

Jun 24, 2016 7:40 PM

Too soon sorry
Say something and they'll be mad

Jun 24, 2016 7:42 PM

Personally i think your health is worth more and they should be better to you.
But at the same time, i just spoke up and got completely shit on and i don't want that for you.

Jun 24, 2016 7:56 PM

You know yourself and these people the best so I will talk about how I handle my family and friends. I am straight upfront. On days that I do Physio and the day after I'm recovering. Consider me to be light duties and may need some TLC. On the other days I'm doing pacing. That is doctors/Physio orders and can't be argued about 😀 so if you want me to cook your dinner and house clean it is at my discretion and everyone has to pitch in 👍

Jun 24, 2016 8:16 PM

Gotobef, yiu already know how my home life is and yes we were doing well but today things just employed.

Dipbop..I'm with u although I've just started being il front with my family. Telling them exactly what I feel. Like, when my mom goes into her poor me love me routine . I simply tell her I'm not doing it. That I can't handle it right now. And boy does she not like that. Ha..lol..i feel so good thst I've set my limits bit she is shock..

Jun 24, 2016 9:06 PM

Newfibrogirl some days i think we have the same mom.
I hope things work out for you

Jun 24, 2016 9:08 PM

Thanks gotobef..i hope you get some peace also.

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