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School and chronic pain

Oct 16, 2018 4:17 PM

Hi I’m in high school and I was wondering if anyone else deals with chronic pain in high school. I find it hard to get through the day. Also I have had this issue since second grade

Oct 16, 2018 7:29 PM

I had major back surgery in high school. I was 15 when they did my surgery, I had scoliosis and they put in 22 inches of metal in my back. Leading up to that I had alot of muscle pain in my back. My best advice is be honest with your teachers and give yourself permission to take a break when needed. Also speak with your school nurse and guidance counselor they can be your best allies. Being a teenager is hard enough let alone dealing with pain. Take care of yourself first and foremost. We are all here if you need to talk or just vent.

Oct 17, 2018 7:06 PM

I'm sorry you are going through chronic pain at such a young age! There are others here in your shoes but I don't think anyone posts daily anymore. Hang in there and when you need to express yourself come here to a safe unjudgmental zone. We all understand chronic pain. Not everything works for everyone, so be open to trying new suggestions. Hugs love and prayers you can find ways to help make your life easier so you can find some more enjoyable days! 🙂❤🙏🌼

Oct 27, 2018 2:09 PM

Message me privately !!! I’m 14, and deal with something slightly similar so am happy to talk to you if you need to or if you need to vent or just to get through this alongside someone that understands xx

Oct 30, 2018 11:24 PM

Yep I’m out of high school now but my pain started in 8th to 10th grade so I totally get it. By the time I got to 11 th grade i took a semester off and did homeschooling instead. Then for grade 12 i took spares around lunch so I had a 2 hour lunch to go home and rest. Feel free to dm me if you want I’m in university now (I’m only 19) so I get the whole school/illness balance thing.

Oct 31, 2018 2:27 AM

15,I go to school with chronic pain. It is definitely helpful to talk to your school and make sure they understand your situation and give you some things to help you. For example I am alowed to use the lift when I need to, alowed to stand up and walk around at the back if I want to, and I had (lost it) a card to explain to teachers I can’t do some things and that I can go out of lesson. However at first my school did not do anything and it took multiple phone calls and emails from my doctors so sort it out so it would be best to talk to your doctor about school

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