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Sciatica Help

Nov 01, 2015 8:47 PM

My son is having pain in the top part of his leg from his sciatica. Does anyone know of any physical therapy techniques they would use to help with that. He doesn't have insurance and he could use some relief. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Nov 01, 2015 9:09 PM

Profiler, I do have a suggestion. There is a deep muscle at the back of the leg called the piriformis muscle which is right over top of the sciatic nerve. The stretch for that muscle is to lay on your back, with one foot flat on the bed with the other leg over top(sort of like a figure 4). Take the top leg and push down gently. I would say 5 times each on both legs. Sometimes ice up close to the bottom of your butt really helps.

Nov 01, 2015 9:10 PM

ElectroTherapy Pain Relief Pro by Omron helped my husband immensely when his severe hiatal hernia pushed his sternum up and out which pulled on his spine and pinched his sciatic nerve. His pain was also located in his thigh. It is basically a personal TENS unit sold at drug stores for $69.99.

Hmm...heat, in the form of baths, Icy Hot, and Thermacare products helps, on both his thigh and back. Massages could help.

Nov 01, 2015 9:17 PM

Thanks Amanda for that exercise help. Thanks Amie for your suggestion. I did think of that and offered it and he said he wouldn't use it. I think he thought it was electric shock therapy or something. ha ha :) But thank you both for your suggestions.

Nov 01, 2015 9:28 PM

Have him lay on the floor, put his butt against the couch and his legs on top. Sometimes a heating pad helps while doing this. Also the Icy Hot tens unit u can get at Wal-Mart for $20.00. The Dr nicked my sciatic nerve during surgery and I've been on neurontin ever since. Without it I'd just as soon they cut off my left leg. I still get flare ups and use these techniques myself if it gets real bad. Hope this helps.

Nov 01, 2015 9:55 PM

My therapist had me lay on my right side with knees bent. She took my left leg and pulled it n backwards just until I felt the thigh muscles stretching. She did so 4-5 times. It helped. 🙏🌼

Nov 02, 2015 2:52 AM

Literally the ONLY thing that has ever helped me is taking vicodin. I take it only when it's scream level. I know vicodin can be scary because of addiction (tho I made a 24 count bottle last a year) just wanted to throw it out there in worst case scenerio (because I only went to it because it was my last option) I hope the techniques work and he doesn't have to use vicodin!

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