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Sending through email.

Mar 22, 2018 11:42 AM

Has anyone else try to export your journal to your email. I have tried twice so I can print it off but it won’t work. Has anyone been able to do this?

Mar 22, 2018 9:17 PM

No I Don't think you can! This is an old app! And I don't know if anyone is doing any kind of updates for this!

Mar 23, 2018 11:12 AM

I just tried to export my pain log from the CatchMyPain app. I was able to access the export link through email, but the pain drawings were blank. So it was pretty much useless. I'm not sure if you can do it through the PainCompanion app.

Mar 23, 2018 3:19 PM

I was able to send to my email address, but you have to link it to your computer or something. I was trying to print it somewhere else and it wouldn't open. Hope this helps.

Mar 24, 2018 6:42 AM

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