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Seriously need a break!

Apr 08, 2016 7:24 PM

Got a cm from the Doctors office today and I FINALLY got the results from the long overdue blood work plus some added blood work. The heavy metal posing came back NEGATIVE YAY!!! BUT the ANA came back POSITIVE! I was told since my RA factor's back NEGATIVE they think I am looking at LUPUS! Really!! I SERIOUSLY CAN'T CATCH A BREAK! Sorry for the venting. Please say a prayer for me. I'll find out more on the 13th.

Apr 08, 2016 8:45 PM

I'm sorry for your news..i understand how disturbing it can be I'm still waiting for my doctors to determine if I have Lupus or not. And I know its terrifing. Just know that now u have Name for it so now u k ow how to fight it. And you have all of us here to help you. We have ur back. It's gonna be OK.

Apr 08, 2016 10:08 PM

Thank You New, I did some research on it and it terrifies me even more. Makes me wish for once that I didn't do any research before my appointment. I am just going to try and enjoy chaperoning my daughter's 6th grade dance tomorrow and taking her to get her hair done. Took her to get her nails done today after school got out.

Apr 08, 2016 10:25 PM

I'm in the same boat. I think I get a diagnosis on Monday. They think lupus, Scleroderma, and sjogrens. I'm ANA positive as well. Other blood work thus far ( not knowing about Mondays results yet) have been negative. I still wonder if I have RA as well. Runs in my family. My grandmother died if it. Getting answers is half the battle. Hang in there.

Apr 11, 2016 2:14 AM

Moparmom I am sorry to hear they the bloodwork showing that you are dealing with Lupus. I will be praying for you and waiting for the update on the 13th. Hang in there, I know it's hard but we're all here for you. Sending much love and gentle {{Hugs}} 💕🙏🏻🌻😊

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