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Severe Headache

Aug 06, 2014 5:35 AM

I have a constant severe headache head and night , it is so painful that I often will do anything to remove it, which barely even scrapes into 10% of those techniques working. Have any headache-removing tips? Please Post them!

Aug 06, 2014 5:36 AM

I really need this cause I am in a lot of pain and I need to go to school. I am only 11

Aug 06, 2014 5:36 AM

I really need this cause I am in a lot of pain and I need to go to school. I am only 11.

Aug 08, 2014 2:29 AM

Hi KittyKatLover, so sorry to hear about your constant headaches. I used to have migraines during my puberty, but I guess it started a bit later, maybe with 14 or so. But after it stopped again and just recently reappeared and not nearly as bad as back then - so I guess that's good news! If your headache is constant I guess it is not migraine (they come and go) but more something like tension headache. That I have sometimes too. It then helps me to go out and have some fresh air, drink a lot or if it is not improving, take a break and go to sleep for a quick power nap (not those long naps, but rather some 20min or so of a good intense sleep). I also press the point between my index finger and thumb (where all the skin is). I think it is some kind of trigger point. This helps me a lot. I hope you feel better quickly!

Aug 08, 2014 3:19 AM

I suffer from migraines too sometimes for three days at a time. then a fellow fibro friend gave me one of her imigrans and I was shocked that no one ever told me about them! they do make me very groggy... as does pretty much everything.

Sep 02, 2015 6:34 PM


Not sure if anyone is still involved with this thread, but this is exactly where I am at.

I am 45 and around the middle of April in 2007 I suddenly developed a headache I couldn't get rid of no matter what I tried. Multiple trips to the Dr eventually resulted in a spinal tap which gave an indication of viral meningitis. I was put into the hospital to treat it. I had a mri done to look for possible causes and it was discovered that I had 2 pools of blood on my brain with no possible cause for how they got there as I did not remember hitting my head on anything. After a couple of weeks treating me and 2 cardiac scares due to bad reactions to pain killers, they decided to do a burr hole procedure to see if that would solve the problem. I was pain free or at least nearly so for about 2 weeks after, and subsequent mris have shown no return of the blood, but I am now back to constant pain that I have grown so accustomed to that I rate it at a 1 out of 10. I have been diagnosed with migraines "but not quite migraines" and cluster headaches "but also not quite cluster headaches". Basically I have yet to find anyone who does have a solid idea what it is. I do still have daily flare ups that have gone as high as 7-8. The good news is that the vast majority of the time, they are very short in duration (only lasting a minute or two). I HAVE actually stopped going to specialists since it is primarily tolerable, but if it ever becomes mostly unbearable again we will start the roller coaster ride up again. All that aside, I would truly love to be rid of all of the pain once and for all.

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