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Severe itching.

Jun 29, 2017 2:21 PM

Does anyone else suffer from severe itching with Fibro??
Sometimes I feel like I can rip my skin off it itches so bad. Nothing causes the itch it just seems to appear and become pretty intense to the point I've scratched that much I've made myself bleed.

Jun 29, 2017 5:29 PM

Yes. Sometimes I feel like I don't have enough hands to scratch myself. I'm on 10 Mgs of atarax 4mgs of periactin in and 6mgs of periactin at night and 250mgs of Benadryl during dialysis. The itching is on another level during dialysis.

Jun 29, 2017 10:25 PM

Yes I get that, my shins and my arms above elbows are the worst.
To soothe it I normally get in a hot bath with something like Epsom bath salts or dead sea bath salts and scrub myself with a body puff sponge thing (can't remember the proper nameof them!!!) and/or a mositureriser with itch relief helps as well like E45 itch relief.

I hope you find something that helps you xx

Jun 30, 2017 8:49 AM

Have you checked with an allergist for possible Urticaria. My fibro, AS, connective tissue issues started May 2010. After years of various meds, immunosuppressants I landed on an asthma drug called Xolair that is now FDA approved for hives/dermographism. 1 shot per month based on weight. I've been on this regimen for 3-4 years with no major itching flares. If I am super stressed I take a very low dose of hydroxinine which works instantly. There is a test where they will measure from 1-10 thru Urticaria index, mine was an 11. Quality of life much better. It's very expensive, but have subsidy programs with 15.00 co-pays. I also take Enbrel, cymbalta, and trazadone. This combination works fairly well. Pain is constant in legs and feet. Going to Mayo Clinic. I am 50 and exercise every day and if I do not keep moving my body locks up, but I do not itch which is debilitating and kept me house bound for nearly 2 years afraid I would get a flare.

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