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Sep 15, 2015 3:25 AM

I love it when we all share our experiences with everyone because it makes me feel better about what I go through. Everyone goes through so much and I do too, it just makes me feel better when I know someone else knows how I feel because they have the same pains as I do.

Sep 15, 2015 3:47 AM

Brt97, I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but I will share my story. I am thinking that is what you are asking for are suggesting. 15 yeats ago I had an accident. Before that, I was a really outgoing person, an extorvert who was a workaholic who know one could shut up or get to sit down. I was so full of energy and life. I brought people together and I loved people and people loved me. At least I thought they cared about me. Then I had a tragic accident. Enormous pain. pain the scale of a 9 all the time in my back and leg and ankle and foot. It took seven surgeries over five years to get me to heal. But that was just to heal my bones back together. After that, things went downhill. My health started to spiral. I started to break out with different illnesses, sleep apnea, thyroid, high blood pressure, depression, ect. The accident was a 20 feet fall off a ladder. I suffered Post traumatic stress from that. I couldnt get that out of my mind. The fall down kept playing in my mind. So I developed an anxiety disorder. With being laid up in my home so long, I got use to no visitors. I use to visit people when they were sick. But my friends forgot me. I can't blame them. People get busy. LIfe is hard. But it added to my depression. I became agoraphobic and really didn't want to see people or leave the house. So I lived in a lot of pain for a long time with no relief. They said I had fibromyalgia but I had no trigger points. So I know they were wrong but I would have muscle pain and joint pain all over for hours and days at a time. i would feel like I had the flu at times but I knew it was something going on because I suffered it systemically all the time. But the doctors had no answer for it. I had a high positive ANA but they said I was normal. But I am on Cymbalta now and it is helping me deal with the pain along with my pain medication. They just changed my pain medication. It has helped me to be able to deal with my pain much better. Like you said, it is nice to hear about other peoples accounts of what they go through and the things they have dealt with and how they have survived and persevered in spite of those challenges. It gives us hope. We all need hope. I am sorry if you were not looking for a story. I thought you were. Have a good night.

Sep 15, 2015 9:16 AM

No, nothing to be sorry about. This is exactly what I was talking about. I love to hear how people overcome the worst pain ever and healing right. It makes me smile when I know there's other strong people out there going through this.

Sep 15, 2015 9:20 AM

Ummm. I was a Surf Life Saver from a young age. First I remember was having to tape my ankles at 13 for Carnivals. Also strapped for netball. I always remember having pain in my right ankle. Just felt like a lot of pressure like the bone was going to blow off the side of my foot. My hip would just hurt when it was in the wrong position, but took a backseat to the ankle.
I had my ankle looked at when I realized I was rolling my ankle a minimum of 6 times a day. I had a partial reconstruction of the ankle due to loose ligaments when I was 21. However the surgeons were unaware I also had genetic deterioration of the cartalidge. Therefore the arthroscope that was part of this surgery caused the cartalidge to die. When the pain returned 6 months after surgery I went back and had microfracture. Which, again, made it worse. I eant up with a lesion slightly larger then 1cm by 1cm bone on bone in the main weight baring joint of my ankle.
At this point a cartalidge biopsy was taken to grow and put back into my ankle. It didn't grow as I already had arthritis in the joint. So a few months later they took a biopsy from my knee. My right ankle was then broken and the graft put in. 2 years later I had the 2 screws removed as they were growing out of the bone.
At this point I mentioned my hip and was referred onto a hip surgeon. It was initially thought that I had AFI (boney growth on the ball of the hip that hits the socket) but a scan showed a labral tear. I had keyhole surgery to reattach some, I had 1cm of cartalidge removed and, to my horror considering my cartalidge issues, microfracture.
Through all of this I found I had the lower 3 discs in my back compressing and had developed shoulder issues due to particular events at Surf Life Saving.
I now struggle to stand for more then 10mins and anything over 2hours ends in serious pain the next day. I also struggle to exercise due to everything that is going on. One thing that's good for my ankle will trigger my back or hip or both.
My base level pain is a 5 for my feet and I now have nerve issues from my neck and shoulder, carpel tunnel and recurring tendonitis in my right arm and elbow and tendonitis in my left achillies. The Surgeons want to operate on my left ankle now which I won't allow after what happened with the right.
I am now about to have more scans on my right hip to see if I have developed AFI in my right hip as I am in so much pain I can't sleep.
It's a day to day thing. It can be great one day and then something as little as putting my socks on can trigger my hip pain and I can barely sleep.
I have also recently had my tonsilis out and found out I had had a constant low grade infection of the tonsils. I now get sick if I over do it and don't get enough sleep. I had had chronic tonsilitis for 15 years.

It could be worse but managing the pain can be very difficult and as I have no "serious" diagnosis a lot of people think I am making it up or over exaggerating.

Sep 15, 2015 9:28 AM

Anyone who thinks u are making it up can't feel your pain and they don't be waiting for u when u get done work surgery.

Sep 15, 2015 9:30 AM

I know that and you know that....just gets a bit disheartening sometime. ..especially when one of those people is your dad. I deal with it well most of the time but it's pretty intense at the moment. Hoping Osteo tomorrow will help 😊

Sep 15, 2015 9:34 AM

Wow sorry to hear that, my dad is my biggest support and I hope it does too.

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