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Sick is stupid expensive

May 27, 2016 10:14 AM

Well I am lucky that I live in canada and that the insurance company doesn't get involved in what I chose to do with my treatments. However I am very sad that being sick is so expensive and that the things that actually help are not covered. Yoga classes - not covered. Massage - I get $300 of coverage per year, so 2.5 sessions. Acupuncture - $300 a year, 3.75 sessions. Naturopath - $400 a year in appointments supplements not covered. Physio - 80% with a prescription from the doctor. I have a heath spending account with the insurance that has $750 in it at the start of the year that you can use if you go over coverage amounts. Overall the coverage I get through work isn't too bad, but I've maxed everything out and am paying completely out of pocket for all but physio now. I've put in requests to have the limits increased on the next round of negotiations, the company always comes back with only physio is necessary, all else is a luxury. Which is funny because I know that without those luxuries I would be in way worse shape and not nearly as mobile as I am.
After looking at all the numbers I now know for sure why I can't quit my job.
I hate that being sick is so expensive. And I feel sorry for all of those from countries that don't have universal Healthcare, I couldn't imagine paying to go see the doctor or surgery. Paying for dental and vision is bad enough.
Hugs to all and I hope your day has low pain and lots of fun

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