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Side Effects, I'm a Little Worried...

Apr 12, 2015 4:29 PM

I recently went to my doctor following an ER visit.
She asked how often I used my rescue inhaler.
Technically, my asthma is from allergies.
I was on Qvar 80 and Albuterol, but using the Albuterol regularly.
She told me I shouldn't do that.
It could make my heart beat irregular.
She wanted to start me on a new medication, but our insurance said I'd have to try Symbicort first.
My dad looked over the box, and I started reading the medication guide while he made dinner.
The side effects are scary considering my medical conditions.
It would increase my chance of death from asthma, especially because I'm a teen.
"Symbicort is not for adults who have sudden asthma symptoms."
My asthma is usually sudden.
It makes the immune system weaker, and I'm already sensitive.
I should not take it because it would make the feelings of pins and needles in arms and legs get worse.
It has many worse side effects than I got from using Qvar and Albuterol regularly.
I'm shaking because my doctor prescribed it on the basis that this would be better for my health.
It is obviously not!
Has anyone taken Symbicort, and what was your experience?

I'm not going to take it.


Apr 12, 2015 5:19 PM

I also have asthma, exercise & allergy induced/enhanced. I was given Symbicort back in January when they decided the Pulmicort wasn't strong enough. By the third day I felt horrible and weak, like I was going to collapse. But the worst was my heartbeat and blood pressure shot way up. I have a device to take mine due to passing out when it drops too low. At the time my bp was way too high and my heart was pounding so hard and fast it was scary. I called the doctors office on Monday and told them what 9 different measurements and symptoms were for Friday night through Monday morning. They immediately took me off and put me on Qvar and I've been on it 2 months. I'm doing fine now.

Apr 12, 2015 5:20 PM

I'm 53 and I've had asthma since 2001.

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