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Sleep schedule ?

Nov 01, 2015 5:48 PM

Is there any way to adjust a sleep schedule after surgery? It's been 5 days and I can't seem to keep myself awake during the day. It seems like my body is out the moment my head hits the pillow, but it's sporadic sleep. Go to bed at 7, get up at 11. Go back to bed at 1 and get up at 5 something in the morning. Like right now, I'm laying here yawning and trying to hold out another hour, but that is not going to happen at all.

Nov 01, 2015 8:55 PM

Are you suppose to be laying down after your surgery or moving around. Could it be that abcess causing you to be tired? Like the start of infection. As far as the latter, if you have not been getting around much. Then I was thinking you had surgery with the anesthesia which slowed down your breathing, then you were in bed which probably slowed down your breathing, That could build up some carbon dioxide. It happens to me alot. It I go for walks, It gets my sleep back on schedule and I am able to stay awake. I get exactly what you are talking about. I mean I have that going on about every two months. I think from my lack of mobility. Be careful with that abscess now. Don't get mad at me for worrying about you.

Nov 01, 2015 8:58 PM

Profiler, either or is fine as long as I'm not doing too much. Still have activity restrictions for now. No, I really don't think the abscess is the problem. I'm wondering if it could just be the time change and the lack of mobility at this point. Still can't really stand up straight or move that far right now(primarily ab muscle spasms).

Nov 01, 2015 9:02 PM

The time change is hard on me to. When it is 5pm, it feels like it is 10pm. It is driving me crazy. I hate this time of year.

Nov 01, 2015 9:48 PM

Amanda, it took my body 2-3 weeks before I wasn't sleeping during the day. I think it's the body's way of recuperating. 🙏🌼

Nov 01, 2015 9:50 PM

Flappys, that's what I'm thinking as well. Will bring it up at post-op appointment or if not before that. Can't go to work if I'm suddenly falling asleep in the middle of the day.

Nov 02, 2015 3:00 AM

I have always been told that your body is repairing itself on a cellular level when you sleep. Lately I seem to be on the insomnia pain train! Too many weather changes for my achey body to keep up with and ridiculous insomnia. There is a wonderful cover article in this month's Scientific American Journal -the Mind. Maybe it is posted on line so you do not have v to purchase the magazine. Lately sleep has just not been very friendly, I am tired of drugging myself only to get a couple hours of sleep. Just venting it is annoying. I should be asleep now but my joints are pounding and swollen they actually feel like they have sand grinding in them. The worst part is I just finished a course of prednisone and really do not want to take it again so soon. The longterm side effects are nasty. Urghhh.

Nov 02, 2015 8:26 AM

LMB, you sound like where I was in'08, and my doc started me on Ambien. He kept increasing the dose, but when I started having bad side effects another doc helped wean me off with depression meds and melatonin. I'm going to search for that article. Thanks for sharing. I hope you can find a way to get on a good sleep pattern. I just hope it doesn't take you as long as it did me. Hugs! 🙏🌼

Nov 03, 2015 11:38 AM

Amanda, same happened to me after my surgeries. I would sleep in and off sporadically all day and then go to bed and sleep more at night. Your body has been through trauma and its your body's way of healing. If you can't rest then your body can't rejuvenate and heal itself. That's why insomnia is so bad for us. As long as you still have restrictions on physical activities, then do yourself a favor and let yourself rest when your body says it needs to. Just make sure to keep your mind occupied when you're awake or you'll doze off from boredom!! Sending gentle {{{Hugs}}} and prayers your way for your continued healing.💕🙏🏻🌻

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