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Sep 11, 2015 8:01 PM

The smoke has returned. =( Felt like puking and fainting as soon as I woke up (from a nightmare) which kinda sucks when you're about to spend 9 hours at the park. My dad and roommate are basically passed out on the couch, with our dog. My sister is grumpy, and I have a stupid tension headache.

We're planning on going to a lake in the mountains tomorrow, it should be clearer and cooler. Tomorrow or town is supposed to be back up to high 90s. On another note, I survived my first week of school. Yay? Plus, today I was running on 4 or less hours of sleep.

Today wasn't too awful. I did a bunch of stuff with my writing group. They still don't get that smells give me a headache, except for one of the freshman. Then people started talking about health (I jumped in around "thyroid") and they seemed surprised at whatever I said.

I guess I still don't talk much, lol. Same old me. Then I hung out with my roommate and her writing group. There were 2 seniors that had switched out of mine. They had been really funny, and made everything seem more interesting. My friend also showed up when the school had invited friends and family to a BBQ. She'll be coming to my school next year, yay!

I guess today was pretty fun, especially considering how much smoke is in the air.

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