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So...I had the injection.......

May 09, 2016 9:10 AM

Hi guys,
I've just had a steroid injection into my shoulder to help with my subachromial bursitis and my tendinitis & tendonopathy. I'm not allowed to use my right arm for 10 days; which includes excessive typing, so I apologise if I am a little absent, I will do my best.
The injection was ultrasound guided and I had an ultrasound scan before the injection. The doc told me that my condition has worsened... He said that my bursa is very significantly thickened and inflamed and that my tendon(s) look inflamed and irritated.
I put off the injection for a while because some of my docs told me it was a great idea others said it wasn't and also because I'm tired of having to have countless medical procedures. So, I followed my emotions and the doctors saying don't.... and things have got worse. It just leaves me wondering, what would have happened if I had got the injection sooner? *sigh* I guess I'll never know.

Gentle hugs

May 09, 2016 9:17 AM

I hope this will bring you much needed relief from the pain! We all second guess our decisions from time to time. But who can say it would be different if we'd chose a different path? Gut instinct usually is right for me. I have bursitis flare in both hips and shoulders, but not like yours. Sending hugs & wishes you have a good day! 🙂💕🙏🌼

May 09, 2016 12:43 PM

I hope you feel better and that shots helps you

May 11, 2016 4:03 AM

I had an injection in january in my shoulder then i was having PT for my back pain but the pain was greater in my shoulder so we did PT for both. In february i had more xrays done and was told i had arthritis in my left shoulder and tendonitis. I stopped using my left arm and it became a frozen shoulder. I had to get another steroid shot to release the muscles and now i have started PT.
Ask your doctor about ice, heat or tens stim therapy. I got some relief when i stopped using my phone to play games for hours.

May 11, 2016 12:46 PM

TiredInPainNInsane, I'm sorry that you're worse. Sometimes we have to follow our own gut feelings in having things done. I know the feeling of having enough procedures (after 30 of my own) and waiting. I hope that it starts to help with your pain and brings you relief. {{{Hugs}}} 💕🙏🏻🌻😊

May 12, 2016 1:39 AM

I have monthly trigger point injections in both shoulders and both sides of my neck. The seem to help a bit with the nerve pain in my arm. Sometimes my doctor uses cortisone+lidocaine, and other times just lidocaine. I'm never sure if there is a difference with and without the steroids. Does anyone have experience with this that can help? One thing I know for sure is that when I get the cortisone shots I always get massive breakouts and infected cysts. Otherwise I'd like to think it helps, but again, it's a bit hard to tell. Thoughts?

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