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Some support ribbons I made on computer

May 30, 2017 12:49 AM

More to come....

May 30, 2017 12:52 AM

One most of use understand....

May 30, 2017 12:53 AM

Painful one as well...

May 30, 2017 12:55 AM

Something a lot of us deal with as well...

May 30, 2017 12:56 AM

One to cover many of us here....

May 30, 2017 12:58 AM

Another battle to deal with...

May 30, 2017 1:04 AM

It all wears us down...

May 30, 2017 1:07 AM

Something I hope we all watch for and encourage those who need it most...

May 30, 2017 6:38 AM

Those are wonderful! Gentle hugs!

May 30, 2017 10:55 AM

Thank you so much Overcomer for making these. They are a wonderful reminder that no matter what health challenges we're battling, we can give each other love, empathy, and understanding. I love the ribbons around the cross where Christ suffered horribly, but Through it all He pours incredible mercy and hope everyday‼💞✨🌺

May 30, 2017 12:23 PM

Thank you beckingrace and faith48

May 30, 2017 8:01 PM

Love them All!

May 30, 2017 8:55 PM

Thank you Joey311

May 31, 2017 1:15 AM

Thank you Shelly80

May 31, 2017 7:52 PM

Thank you for sharing all of these awesome support pictures. ((Gentle hugs))

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