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Something that helped me with my ankylosing spond pain

Jun 25, 2015 1:05 PM

Hi i am suffering from ankylosing spond was diagnosed last year

I am 30 now but was suffering from back pain since i was 15

Just something that really helped me with my pain relief

I climb stairs 4 to 5 only by taking just 2 steps & then jump back in the same manner by 2 or just 1 step. This way you won't feel exhausted from climbing the stairs.

This exercise i repeat daily for just 10-15 minutes in the morning when i get up & then in the evening just before dinner, it has helped me immensely with my pain.

What i have experienced is with my disease it only attacks 1 joint at a time severely. If i am able to shift that pain point to some other area in my body. My body will concentrate on healing that particular area rather than attacking the otherwise healthy spine.

I dont know how its going to effect my knees in the future but right now it helps a lot with tge pain. Also its a risky exercise do it at your own risk. Please take extreme caution try putting cusioning where there are chances to fall. If you feel there is risk involved in doing it or you cant maintain you balance dont do it at all.

In case you cant do major physical activity due to the pain. Try "sutra neti". Look it up on youtube. You'll feel the difference in just 1 week

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