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Sources of PTSD...???

May 02, 2017 12:35 AM

Hi everyone. While looking through "similar patients" I saw a lot of other people had PTSD.

I was curious as to what tramatic event (s) had occurred in there lives? Are they through the emotional tramatic yet? How many others didn't list it because they were through it and could help others (and me)?

My traumas include emotional, sexual, physical abuses. Rape. A horrific car wreck.

My main triggers lies with exam rooms, tables and the papers on the tables and the doctors themselves. As I have been a victim two different times by different doctors of sexual abuse and one time also with emotional abuse.

Since the wreck I now have 18 doctors I regularly see. It's very stressful for me dealing with all of this. I have gone through various types of therapy and counseling. It has helped some but. Not entirely.

Others were sexual abuse from babysitters, my girlfriend/fiance was emotional/sexual/physical abuse. Another girlfriend raped me while I was unconscious.

Some may say " you should of enjoyed it" others yet " you are a guy why not fight back?" Well to that I say until you are in that situation under those conditions. You will never understand.

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