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Spoke to my mental health nurse

Dec 13, 2016 5:57 AM

Well I spoke to my GP surgery yesterday to see if I could get an appointment with a doctor but I rang too late so they told me to ring my mental health nurse. I rung and left a message for her but she didn't get back to me till this morning.
We spoke about my sleeping going from hardly any to all the time. She asked if there had been any changes that could attribute to the change but I couldn't think of anything some of my meds were put up....duloxetine was put from 60mg to 90mg over 4 weeks ago now (and no I still don't feel any better in fact I feel worse!) And my amitriptyline was put up by 10mg 3 weeks ago so she's unsure if my body is having a delayed reaction to them but thinks it's unlikely.
She couldn't fathom why I've all of a sudden started to get it so often (I have had them before but hardly ever maybe once a year?) But she did say that in her years and studies of dreams there seems to be no real reason for them. She said that me talking about the dream to her (as in physically said it out loud) it might help the dream disperse.
She said if I write down the dream and put down the things that go thro my head while I'm having the dream might also help....it's a dream, no one is in the house because it's all locked up, I am safe and it's a dream.

When I told her I had already wrote down the dream in a post on here and had even put that I know it's a dream she said I'm very proactive in my way of dealing with it and that I'm a very strong person for trying to do things that will help me.

She also said that at thus time of year when there is very little sun and the sky is mostly over cast that that in itself can make me more tired so I sleep more, then because I'm sleeping more that can make me even more tired so I want to sleep more!
She said that I should try to get out for a walk round the block to get out in the daylight and air as that can increase endorphins which will help bring my mood up.
I'm feeling knackered atm like I can't take another step so I'm going to lay down for a couple of hours then I'll pick Jo up from school and walk up the road to the local outpatients day hospital to get a blood test done. I won't be able to go in there on my own it's really busy in the waiting area as it serves the outpatients as well as blood test waiting area.

Oh she also said to do something before having a during the day then tell myself that I deserve to take the nap and not feel guilty for sleeping.

She's going to ring me back on Friday to see how I'm doing.

What she's saying makes a lot of sense so I'm hoping it works.

Dec 13, 2016 10:05 AM

I use to have a nightmare regularly to the point I was afraid to get out of bed. I told my counselor about it. Then I never had it again.

Dec 13, 2016 3:02 PM

I'm hoping it will work but I had it this afternoon again when I couldn't stay awake after I'd spoken to the nurse! Only time will tell xx

Dec 14, 2016 8:00 PM

Well It's been over 36 hours since I spoke to my mental health nurse and I've had the dream 4 times now when I had a nap yesterday afternoon and this afternoon, last night and tonight!!!!
So much for talking about the dream then writing it down and putting things on the written one like how the house is locked up so no one can get in, I'm safe and that it's a dream.
I've spoke about it briefly with my mum and I also had a telephone appointment with my GP who was also a little shocked as to how often I've had the dream and the fact I've told my mental health nurse and now my mum as well but the dream still hasn't gone away????
My GP was a little mystified about me going from one extreme of hardly sleeping to sleeping nearly all the time. It's not caused by meds because some of the doses were changed about a month ago.
Looks like it's back to the drawing borad for me to see if there's a way to treat me and keep me from hitting rock bottom ... !ll you'll be fine when get all the bits you need and your colouring done xx

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