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Spondylolisthesis and 2 surgeries later... 7 years of pain

Mar 06, 2018 3:30 AM

Hey every one,
So i have spondylo etc etc, degenerated disc l5/s1. Been operated twice, lumbar fusion and bone graft in 2011/2012. Anywho. Didnt work to ease the pain. I'm managing with as few painkillers as i can (1 tramadol a day), but obviously started a kind of addiction. Doing sports, exercising etc etc. Tried every thing from massages to acupuncture.
I cant bear doing my back exercises anymore. I gave them up a few months ago and now feeling very guilty because the pain has increased a lot. And travelled down to the coccyx and up to the neck.
I feel very low, guilty and angry. And of course helpless. I'm only 34 and everyday is a struggle. In need of positive energy...

Mar 14, 2018 5:00 AM

Margot37, I am sorry this has been so hard for you. I haven’t any answers either...I was told “find a happy place” right! I am all out of happy places!

Anklyo spondylotitis fuses spine which is bad and yet docs fuse spine to help?
I don’t get it...
If pain pills help, so what if they say you’re dependent?
At least you’re getting relief...If pot helps great!
If sucking a lemon is what helps..go for it!
I don’t get the negativity to what makes you feel better or why we buy into negative ideas...I have had enough dealing and trying to live with this...after your 2 surgeries I can see why you are!

I hope you don’t mind me asking:
What happened that you needed 2 surgeries?
Was that your last reaort?
“gentle hugs”

Apr 12, 2019 11:06 AM

I too have suffered with the pain of spondylolisthesis for over 2 years. The pain wakes me every night, hence this entry at 2am in the morning. I’m getting new pain in bilateral groin region which scares me. I’m on 100mg palexia at night and doctors want me to rake it through the day as well but I can’t function doing that due to it causing fog fines and I take 600mg gabapentin for sciatica pain. The gabapentin seems to be working but the palexia isn’t. I’m at my wits end. Surgery is not an option I want to take xx

Apr 12, 2019 12:40 PM

Hi everyone I have a disc degeneration also ad Siatica left hip pain and bursitis. I do my excersise and my fiancé helps me out and messasge me after very nice. I have pain in my leg feet and calvesat times spasms. I get so frustrated that I cry 😢 . I did get an injection in my back a few weeks ago .I go back on follow up May 2..
It just annoy me they can’t find anything else wrong on why I’m getting it a lot. I even take relaxing breaks after I have done a lot .
Btw I been New here a while I’m beginning to like this site. Ty for listening.oh I have a rod down my back and have Siatica nerve pain left. But I’m deal with it . Tylenol and as per cream works . I hope that you all feel better soon hug gently later 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌈🌈🌈🤗🤗🌸🌸

Apr 12, 2019 9:08 PM

I have Ankylosing Spondylitis. I’ve lived with it for over 35 years. Understand the pain that you suffer on a daily basis.I’ve had 7 surgeries and it hasn’t really helped. They want to put a Herrington Rod in but my pcp said my body can’t take anymore surgeries. I’m 65 years old soon ( May) so half my life I’ve been either having surgery or haveing to deal with my back/neck. I have a slew of other related diagnoses, won’t bore you with them all. I’m on 800 Mg of Gabapentin also so I understand the brain fog that it causes. Hang in there. Tarkington one day at a time. Heck sometimes it’s just having to survive from one moment to the next😞 were all there for you and can relate to your suffering.

Apr 12, 2019 9:09 PM

Sorry “take” one day at a time.

Apr 13, 2019 9:01 AM

I don't have the A-spondylitis but I have DDD, OA in the spine & other joints, retrolisthesis, and multiple other spine issues. I've spent over 20 years dealing with multiple surgeries, 4 in my neck alone. And the doc says I need more because the last 2 didn't heal (donor bone used and I have 4 autoimmune issues). I'm just not sure I want to do anymore, that I have it in me to get through it. I'm with you (Spunky) in that my discs are fusing from the OA & DDD, & doc says that's bad but then they fuse them surgically. What's the difference?

I think each of us are different and nothing works for everyone. So we just have to keep trying to find what works for us and be open-minded about it. We also have to accept there is nothing going to take all the pain away permanently with chronic issues. So we have to find our new normal that we can cope through to have the best life we possibly can. When I'm feeling my worst I try to relax with music, reading and puzzles; take my mind off the pain a little and focus elsewhere. I also start thinking about what I have to be thankful for, like my supportive husband, my grandchildren who love to come play games or just watch a movie with me (they already understand my limitations and pace our activities for me), good doctors I have, that my health isn't worse, that I can still drive & I'm not in a wheelchair (not sure how long either of those might last), etc. There's always someone worse off than me.

Being limited to meds I can use (super oversensitive-doesnt take much to feel spaced out or I'm allergic to), I have to use otc and non-meds methods for pain relief, which is temporary at best. I've learned over the years to deal with the pain while I'm awake. It's the worsening night time pain that seems to be my worst enemy. Like Painwarrior said, take it one day at a time ... One step at a time. Hugs love & prayers everyone has a good weekend! 🙂❤🙏🌼

Apr 17, 2019 8:08 PM

Looked up fusion FlappysLady when your discs fuse it’s much different then a surgeon fusing them. Your disc may have partially or fully collapsed. so limited disc
Gel. In a fusion they not only give you rods and screws to “realign” your spine and also put a “spacer” to elevate the disc space to relieve the pressure the collapsed disc was putting on associated nerves or spinal cord, thus stabilizing the area. Downside it puts more pressure on the discs above or below the fusion creating a greater possibility of those discs degenerating more quickly. Mayfield clinic.com on degenerative disc disease. Nice illustrations showing the fusion. So basically DDD causes degeneration/collapse of disc and displacement that fuse from disease process. Fusion #1 the other is correcting the alignment, elevating disc space stabilizing area. So in reality 2 different things. Check it out: mayfield clinic.com 🌺 love to all!

Apr 18, 2019 12:08 PM

Thanks Painwarrior! I'll definitely do more research. Have a blessed day! 🙂❤🙏🌼

Apr 18, 2019 5:34 PM

No problem FlappysLady I had to look it up myself as I did not want to mislead anyone💕Hope your weekend goes well for you🌺🐣✝️

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