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Jan 23, 2016 4:30 PM

I'm looking for advice here!

So in September I was diagnosed with grade 3 spondylolithesis so I see a physiotherapist. But recently when I've been standing around (so I teach martial arts and a class is 45mins and by the end of that if I've been dording around people I'll have a bad back)t the front of my thighs start to ache. But I don't want to say anything to mum because it could be nothing and I could just be making the pain up but I'm sure that it's there! I'm scared my mum will just not believe it along with all the other pains I've recently told her about; maybe because I've never said anything before until my back was looked into and sort of sorted so now I want all things sorted! But on the other hand it could be my l5 pressing on my CNS and lead to damage of it and affect my future. I'm just so confused! I told mum about my stuff fingers and it was looked into and I was told there's nothing so what if I tell her about everything else and it does get looked into and comes back with nothing? I'd want to crawl into a hole and never come out, I feel pain and I've never really felt much pain before always thought i had a high pain threshold so surely this is something? I want a new body, it literally feel like such a mistake it's unreal.

Jan 23, 2016 5:58 PM

I'm praying for you! Please tell someone safe all that's going on with you. Let them know you are not making any of this stuff up. It's in your body not your head. Having one person in your corner can be very helpful.

Jan 24, 2016 4:05 PM

Ouuchh, I don't know anything about your diagnosis. But I know it's not "all in your head." When doctors can't immediately & easily identify our issues they like to say it's in our heads. I agree with Warriorwoman, that you should tell what's going on with you. You know your body better than anyone else does. Keep shooting until someone listens and looks into it to help you. Hugs & prayers! πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸŒΌπŸ’•

Jan 24, 2016 6:18 PM

This is a serious diagnosis, especially if it's a grade 3. Don't like to be an alarmist, but tell your mother and anyone else who needs to know. If it's what I remember, it could lead into paralysis.

Jan 25, 2016 5:44 AM

I have spondiliothesis and it's very tough to deal with. I've had it for the better part of 13 years now with no operations as they say I have "too many things wrong with my back and I'm too young for this type of invasive surgery". I find the best relief, besides the pain relievers of course, is running a hot bath with Epsom salt. I use lavender or something soothing to breathe in. I'll soak until I get bored and then shower it all off with hot water. As hot as you can stand! The heat helps me a lot. Heated blankets, heat wraps, hot showers....I even went out and bought a car with heated leather seats just for my pain!! It controls my life....and what I can and can't do. But I wish you the best of luck. I hope you find the help you need.

Jan 25, 2016 11:21 AM

So sorry, I misinterpreted l5 to mean 15. There's a big difference there. Spondylolithesis is when Inge vertebrae doesn't sit in a straight line over the one beneath it. If it slips enough, paralysis could occur. From an article that I looked at online, there are six types so type three isn't something I would let someone minimize the pain your experiencing. Since you're having increased symptoms, I'd get to a doctor as soon as possible.

I hear you about the new body, that would be nice. Even replacement parts aren't as good as the real thing when healthy. Take care and see a doctor, please.

Jan 25, 2016 1:09 PM

Thankyou to all who have replied! I don't think the joint pain is to do with be spine! I also have hyper flexible joints and i think that may be the reason I'm in pain (the joints may have worn down?) the reumatologist didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with me and my flexibility is only mild which I don agree with because I can get my index fingers back to the back of my hand with no pain? My mum noticed I wasn't right this morning because I was in a lot of pain and was very grumpy! I jut cried on her and she told me to take some pain killers and she'll think about it but she thinks it's al from cheerleading but it's not because I didn't do very much flexible things last night and I know what sort of pain it is and what sort of pains I get from cheer!πŸ’–

Jan 25, 2016 1:10 PM

And the thighs I don't really know about that?

Jan 25, 2016 1:27 PM

Omg!!! Thank you from a person who has been told "your back wouldnt cause that pain" this last summer i could barely walk. I was having dystonia in my legs and hands. My dr..neurosurg referred me back to neurologist and vice a versa. Im so tired of explaining this pain and living like this! I have horrible shin splints too..along w foot pain. They think im drug seeking! Im so sorry for your pain..this is a good area to express your self. Hang in there..and my deepest empathyβ™₯

Jan 25, 2016 3:43 PM

Well I think my parents don't want to believe me and it's so frustrating! My Hypermobility makes my foot arches collapse and in the afternoon today I put my shoe on for pe and I started getting sharp tightness almost like cramp in my arch to the point where the first time I felt it I actually collapsed to floor and almost cried! So I had to walk holding my foot from collapsing so it would hurt as much! I told my dad after school and he said "everyone gets aches and pains" thanks dadπŸ‘ mum said "it's probably from cheerleading" considering it started in the afternoon suddenly id say I stepped down and I've done something to the muscle or ligaments in the arch! I don't know whether they think I'm lying or they just don't want me to be so broken? (So sorry for my aweful grammar and typing) Walksoftly61, I know exactly what you mean by back causing different problems! What is dystonia?πŸ’–

Jan 26, 2016 9:29 AM

Ouuchh, I have plantar fascitis in the arch area that flares up on & off. It's very painful with cramps. I haven't found splints to be helpful, but gentle stretches, hear, and massages with voltaren gel does help me through the flares. My dx may not be what you have in your arches, but your description sounds similar. Maybe trying stretches, heat, and massage ointments will help you through yours. Hugs & prayers! πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸŒΌπŸ’•

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