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May 06, 2015 6:20 PM

I a member of the American Academy of Pain Mangement. I believe that pain is being undertreated a lot of the time in our current society. The CDC has initiated a social media campaign until May 15th, which asks the public to tell stories of those affected by prescription opioid addiction, using the hashtag #Rxproblem.

SPPAN is state pain policy adovacy program. SPPANbelieves that undertreated pain is also a public health crisis--not just opioid addiciton. They advocate on behalf of those affected by pain. They are asking people to share their personal struggles w pain and why adequate treatment is so important to them by using #AnotherRxProblem alongside the CDC's #Rxproblem to demonstrate the under treatment of pain is also a health care crisis.

Please share photos and posts on Facebook and Twitter making sure to include strong personal stories that help others and to demonstrate the importance of having access to good pain management.

Since the past couple of days that Ihave been participating in this community, it seems like everyone has strong personal stories, that could really help other people.

If you want to help advocate for better pain management in this country, please share your stories! #AnotherRxProblem

Thanks so much.

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