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Sprained ankle x100000

Mar 07, 2017 1:27 AM

So I was at a bar about three weeks ago and sprained my ankle in heels.. So, the next three days the ankle was swollen and bruised so I went to the doctors to make sure nothing important broke. The doctor said it'll be fine within 3weeks and shouldn't leave any long-term problems.

But here's the thing. My ankles are loose and strain about once a week in the way that it hurts about 5 minutes and then it's completely normal again. I told this the the doctor and she said that yes, with every injury the ankle does become more loose but with this being the very first time I've sprained my ankle so that it swell that it wouldn't make a difference.

Anyway, after these three weeks my ankle is still a bit sore to the touch and stiff. The thing I'm most stressed about is that it feels looser. I've strained it EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past week just from walking up the stairs and turning a bit more rapidly than usual etc. I'm terrified that this will only make things worse and new sprains more likely and that I'm gonna need surgery to stiffen it in the next 10 years.. does anyone have any tips or advice?? Anything helps!

Mar 07, 2017 2:27 AM

I found massage on my calfs made walking a lot easier for a week or two.

Mar 07, 2017 2:53 AM

Look for ankle stretches that PT's recommend on YouTube, it sounds like you need to strengthen your muscles in that area which in turn will help stop you straining the ankle soo mch

Mar 07, 2017 4:02 AM

I have sprained both ankles so many time it doesn't take much to sprain them. I rolled my right ankle the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. It broke a litte bone in ankle. I was in a boot for 6 weeks now I'm in a brace. I go to PT to strengthen it

Mar 07, 2017 9:26 AM

I have numerous feet problems and I suggest keeping the ankles stabilized and you can use colored wraps and wrap it yourself or an ankle brace that will support it. Also take vitamins with glucose in it that are specifically for maintaining joins. I have no cartilage or ligament left in my right ankle and it created bone spurs. Believe me its no fun, I can't think of wearing heels

Mar 10, 2017 4:49 PM

Have‚Äč you been tested for RA?

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