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Still struggling with chemicals

Apr 18, 2016 12:29 PM

I'm looking for help with chemical sensitivities. Is there anything besides avoidance that can be done to minimize reactions? We went out for a nice supper and sat on the patio last night since there was no one out there, only for me to get sick because someone was sitting in a vehicle on the other side of the parking lot having a smoke. There wasn't a wind so the smoke just hung out, best part is that my boyfriend couldn't smell it when I started reacting and then he only smelled it for about 2 minutes. I'm so done with being sick. I hate being sensitive to everything, makes life so difficult and stressful.

Apr 18, 2016 1:57 PM

There really is nothing to be done besides avoidance. Immunotherapy can help if specific allergens are known. Even then, those therapies can take up to 6 months to start working. Wearing a good filter mask when outside can be helpful. HEPA filters in your home can reduce any problems indoors.

The problem isn't YOU, so please don't be discouraged with yourself. This world is pumped full of chemicals and all sorts of nasties that can be found in nearly every product or garment or food on the market.

The one thing you CAN do is be gentle with yourself and eliminate any other possible triggers that are in your household products, foods, etc. Read your labels and educate yourself. You can manage this!

Apr 18, 2016 2:34 PM

In my home isn't the problem. Got that one under control. It's any time I leave the house that's the issue. I work full time and no one believes me about getting sick from the air in the building or the cleaning supplies. Then I was working in the backyard last week and someone walking down the road across from the front of the house was smoking and that made me ill. I can't be around people because their lotions and deodorant makes me sick. My father in law is a heavy smoker who refuses to quit so going to their place makes me ill. And his mom's solution, oh we'll just have everything at your house. Hells no! He can't go for an hour without smoking and even if he has it outside then comes inside i will be ill (which no one seems to get and I'm just a drama queen since 8 years ago it never bothered me). Even people coming over for an hour or so makes it so i have to decontaminate my house since everything is scented or chemical. I was off work for a week as per doctors orders because of my issue with chemicals and a contaminate from a neighboring business, only to go back to work this weekend and on Sunday it showed up in the building again. But filters on the air intake are too expensive as are purifiers in the rooms I work in and since it's just me complaining and no one else it's psychological and in just crazy and should get over it. I wanted to yell at the smoker yesterday, i was already sick from work and just wanted to enjoy my supper, my boyfriend literally had to hold me down and he was constantly saying it's a free world and he's allowed to smoke if he wants to. I get more sensitive every day and more upset about it when i react to something.
Sorry, i didn't mean to make this a 'poor me' bitch session. I guess it's just really getting to me. And there are people coming over tomorrow (mom invited herself over for her birthday and I'm expected to cook for her) which is just going to make it worse.

Apr 18, 2016 7:44 PM

Gotobef might see an immunology?? They helped me..

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