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Stomach Growls?

Feb 12, 2015 6:38 AM

So I was wondering. I have bowel movement problems were I go randomly every other/few weeks and I'm nauseas and crampy 24/7 and when I have the bowel movements I have these intense pains. I started paying more attention to my food intake and decided to use laxitives after this last surgery. My tummy doesn't ever make noises anymore like it used to in middle school. I havnt noticed this before. When I take 2-3 laxitives my intestines work just a bit but I won't pass for a few days with continuous laxitive and food intake it's so painful. Have any of you been through this?

Feb 12, 2015 9:11 AM

Yes! Try taking a stool softener instead of laxative. Laxatives can cause cramping. Also, drink water! Many of the pain meds,etc. that we take make us constipated. It is miserable! I take 1 stool softener capsule a day on average. If that is too much, I will back off to every other day. Or you can take more depending on the label directions.

Feb 12, 2015 9:28 AM

Kashiiguren, It sounds like IBS to an extreme. The worst two things you can do is to strain to pass your stool, and to use laxatives daily. The safest laxative product is Miralax (used 1x/day), but you need to use a fiber product with it. When I was on Miralax, just before & following surgery in 2010, I used Citrucel & Metamucil, rotating from one to the other.

I've had IBS most of my life (53 now), primarily constipation side. But in 2008 I kept complaining of increase of symptoms. Doctors would change which fiber product I was on to another ( Citrucel, Mylanta, Miralax, etc). Then in 2010 I went to a diff doc with bleeding, and his tests showed I had a mass. Long story short, after removal of the mass and adhesions, I have even more problems. I swung severely to the diarrhea side, but with damaged pelvic floor (pf) muscles I have control/loss issues.

Straining to use the bathroom can cause damage to the pelvic floor muscles. My surgery also caused additional damage, as did giving birth twice. I even developed an Ileus post-op and had to be intubated because i could not pass any stool, (sorry for gross description) and because of the backup of stool my bowels were being thrown up!

Men & women can have damaged or malfuctioning pf muscles. I'm about to go through my 3rd round of pf muscle therapy. But this time im getting trigger point release injections too. They use devices to calm and stimulate the various pf muscles in order to retrain them to relax or contract as they're suppose to; similar to a TENS unit, but much smaller leads. Unfortunately in severe cases the therapy has to be repeated, 6-12-18-24 month increments. The worst cases last for shorter durations. I happen to be a worse case patient, because my muscles have been so severely damaged from straing, mass, etc listed above, and now they are affecting my bladder.

I have become allergic to most of the fiber products, so I now use Citrucel & a product called India Psyllium(no wheat/gluten), which you can buy cheaper in bulk order on Amazon than you can in a health food store. I cannot take Miralax because of the bowel incontinence problem. But after my last ER visit due to severe bowel blockage (life threatening), my doc put me on Linzess. The downside to that is I cannot leave home until I've gone to the bathroom, mainly because of the incontinence problem and never know if I'm going to pass diarrhea or constipated or normal stool. So for me it's a "better safe than sorry" embarrassing situation.

Another thing to remember is, water is vital to not being constipated. Colas, teas, & coffees do not count because they act as diuretics. My advice is go see a gastrologist to discuss your changes and find a treatment plan. But don't rely on the daily laxatives because its going to cause complications down the road! Do not be embarrassed to be completely open & honest with the doctor. The more they know the better they can help you. I use an app called "Bowel Move" and its great and simple for tracking to show your doctor. Get some help before you end up with damage like I have. I'll be praying for you.

Feb 12, 2015 5:10 PM

@Flappys... Are the stool softeners as bad for your system as laxatives? I started taking them after my surgery. My Dr. told me to take them due to constipation from my meds. I don't want to end up with long term problems. I watched my g'ma go through that... She was miserable! I sure hope you get some relief from your treatments! Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Feb 12, 2015 5:52 PM

Hornsholdmyhalo, No, stool softeners are ok; they're primarily an oil base gel capsule (kind of like our grandparents taking caster oil daily...uggg!). I use to take them myself, but due to my of damage and never knowing when my constipation will switch to diarrhea, I now have to avoid them. My biggest fear is becoming blocked again or developing an Ileus, and being intubated again!

Feb 12, 2015 6:25 PM

Hi everybody! Like Flappy, I have extreme IBS (like the way that sounds, like some sport taken a bit too far) & have gone through all kinds of treatments. If I don't take a certain amount of medication on a daily basis, I don't go to the bathroom. My stomach is permanently distended (I look VERY pregnant) & I'm in constant, intense, barely controllable pain. To cause a movement daily, I have to take Linzess & a lot of Miralax. The fiber products (like Citrucell or Metamucil) only caused me a lot of gas & even more pain.

One thing I'm learning is that the colon is a fickle @#!ยข and that everyone's is different. What Flappy has to do is very different from me, just to get the same result. One thing she said that I completely agree with is that you need to see a gastroenterologist (a poop doctor). A doctor can run tests & guide you towards a treatment that works for you.

Feb 12, 2015 6:41 PM

@ Deena, I use to have bad cramps, bloating & gas on the Metamucil & Konsyl. What I didn't know at that time was I'm allergic to wheat & most whole grains. I accidentally stumbled across the "India Psyllium" and its been a blessing for "bulking up" my stools. That's really the purpose of all of those products, bulk. If you need something like that, try this product. I've not had any gas, bloating or other bad symptoms. I feel your pain & discomfort, even if our issues aren't quite the same. I actually had to do a defacography test and so I totally lost my inhibitions about the necessity to go poop! It no longer embarrasses me to tell any doctor every symptom...we are our best advocate.

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