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Sep 10, 2015 12:42 AM

So I know that stress make symptoms worse. I am living with a close friend that calls me his sister, and he started dating my friend since third grade. Well they both have changed in a matter of just a couple weeks and they are the rudest people ever. Well I was informed that he will be moving real soon. Then he started claiming that this is his that is his and she says she wants this or that. I have been breaking my back to make sure I get get my grandparents moved back home and now I have to pack my personal things so they don't steal them. I am doing my best to stay as calm as I can but ugh it's not working. What do ya'll do when you are in super high stressful situations?

Sep 10, 2015 1:07 AM

I'm sorry that your friends changed into jerks like that.
Unfortunately I think the best thing for you to do is to go elsewhere. You don't need their crap.
I'm sorry I can't help you

Sep 10, 2015 1:08 AM

They are moving so I'll have the house to myself soon it's just dealing with it and being afraid that they might jack my stuff is the hard part

Sep 10, 2015 1:08 AM

Looks like he showed his true colors. All you can do is t he best you can do. Thankfully you are there for your grandparents. I wish I still had mune.

Sep 10, 2015 1:13 AM

They are my world. They raised me off and on till I was about 16. I love them so much. My gpa had a stroke and heart attack a few years back so we pray for him to be pain free and love and enjoy the time we have left and my gma has heart problems that the Dr's can't figure out so I want them close.

Sep 10, 2015 2:00 AM

Breathe and keep saying to yourself " they will be gone soon and my life will be fresh air once more"...

Sep 10, 2015 8:38 AM

KaylaHailey, when I am under that much stress and duress, I do what you did. I come here and get it off my chest. I also try to do breathing exercises to soothe me and I sometimes use scented oils to soothe me as well. Tell yourself there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that it's going to be over and done with soon. Does your room have a lock on the door? If not, put one in and lock your stuff up. Sending you positive vibes. Keep your chin up.
If these two could flip flop so fast,
They were not true friends to begin with although, that doesn't lessen the hurt. {{{{Hugs}}}}😊

Sep 10, 2015 1:08 PM

Kaylahaley, AlwayZ has a good idea about putting a lock on the door to your room. Use multiple rooms if necessary. And when they're gone, change the locks to your home. I also recommend getting a WiFi camera that you can set up inconspicuously, just in case. If I could set one up anyone can. It's a Fujikam, F1-361. Mine sits, completely unmonitored on my freezer, among my hubby's clutter. Lol, say cheese! I'll say a prayer they'll leave even sooner than said. Btw, if she wants this or that, consider selling it to her, but don't let either one take your stuff, especially for free. 🙏🌼

Sep 11, 2015 9:19 AM

Sometimes you just have to close a blind eyes on certain things. All this stress is doing you mentally and physically more damage. As long as they don't try and take the really important stuff, try and let it go. If they are, I wouldn't know what to say or do that can help you. I'm sorry you have to go through this unwanted circumstance.

Sep 13, 2015 1:39 AM

Try a guided relaxation session.. U can find them online for free. they help calm ur mind and relax ur body.

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