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Stress = worsened pain

Mar 11, 2016 11:22 PM

Hey guys just a big vent really! ( I should really get a diary).
So today I am headed off to watch my brother in his ice hockey final! (Yes we have ice hockey in Australia lol). As I take longer to get ready these days, I didn't leave myself quite enough time to get ready, may bad! So for the last 5-10 minutes of me getting ready I was listening to my brother with his hand on the horn waiting in the car beeping and beeping, this of course stressed me out! I stop thinking clearly when I am rushed or stressed and I forget things. So now my pain which was sitting happily at about a 6 today has spike to an 8 or a 9, I never use a 10 unless I'm literally in bed unable to move, this is starting to happen more frequently! I had a horrible day yesterday as I had a psychiatrist assessment for my insurer... Those are always fun being questioned and made to felt like your lying and below scum! How does everyone else deal with stress? What are some of the things u do to combat you going off your rocker at everyone around you?

Mar 12, 2016 1:00 AM

I used to play hockey (: i found hitting a frozen puck with a stick did wonders for stress levels. But, those days are gone. I find that, even with the best of intentions, especially on bad days, I will be late, I will lose my train of thought or forget to pick up items at the store, or I won't have the patience to deal with someone yapping at me. I remind myself to be as kind to myself as I try to be with others. I know it sounds funny, but oddly, I'm much kinder to others than I am to myself. If I get flustered, which leads to my becoming clumsy or forgetful, I take that time I would lose anyhow to gather myself...take three deep breathes in and out, close my eyes to shut out the world, and just let things go on around me for however long it takes. And, I ask myself, stressed or not, if what's going on is my business. If not, I remind myself: not my circus, not my monkeys. And, since saying that always makes me giggle, I can shake out of that stress and walk away. On good days, I knit. If I'm stressed, and I sit down to knit, if someone comes up to me I say, 'I'm counting!' Like the world will end if they disturb me...most people will walk away (don't tell them there's no way that amount of counting goes on while knitting...they don't need to know). I guess more than anything...cut yourself some slack...you can't help what's happening.

Mar 12, 2016 6:36 AM

I totally get what u mean I'm exactly like that everyone comes before me! As for knitting I need to learn how I really want to! I learnt how to arm knit the other month and made an awesome scarf it's so thick and fluffy! And it was so easy! I guess it's similar to knitting just smaller loops? You are right though I just need to slow down, I just can't stop myself from getting flustered I guess this is where my mindfulness comes in.... I best practise that first!
Thanks for the tips!
Oh and monkeys make me laugh too

Mar 15, 2016 5:43 AM

Colouring. That's what I use to combat stress. I used to do (what I call) proper art. Starting with a blank canvas. But I simply cannot get in that head space these days. So colouring. It helps me to not think about my breathing, which is a constant reminder of how crap I feel. It stops me thinking about other things, such as pain levels or how long it's been since I last managed housework.
Stress is a nightmare and can make every day feel like a horror movie of the scariest, most painful types.
My cats also help with de stressing. They're wonderful for just winding down a bit at any point in the day.

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